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Ascription medication..The invoice of the drugs consumed by the minors who are beneficiaries of the decision of the health authorities will be assumed by the Generalitat Valenciana, in the same way that since January 2016, the amount of the pensioners’ drugs has been paid, to whom the co-payment when it comes to cases with incomes below 18,000 euros.

ascription medication

The initiative aimed at children will begin to be applied next Tuesday, February 14, and to carry it out eight million euros per year have been planned. During the presentation of the Puig y Montón initiative, they pointed out that the number of children who can potentially benefit from the average amounts to 404,647.

ascription medication

Of these, 399,974 are minors who are assigned to health card holders with low income levels. In addition, 4,673 respond to cases of minors who are not registered or authorized to reside in Spain and who are collected as beneficiaries of healthcare in special situations.

Until the measure agreed by Health comes into effect, minors pay 40% of the amount of medicines they need. As of next Tuesday, when it comes to cases that respond to the aforementioned circumstances, they can purchase the drugs for free.

«Health is not expensive»

During the presentation of the initiative, after a meeting of Montón and Puig Ximo with several health officials, the minister clarified that the eight million euros that will be allocated to meet the cost of these drugs come from the “savings”, that their trial has been possible thanks to a “better management”.

He also considered that health “is not expensive”, but it is “wrong management, lack of control and corruption”. However, he warned that resources “will always be insufficient while the Valencian Community does not receive fair financing.”

He opened his speech to publicize the proposal that from day 14 will be applicable in the Valencian Community, remembering that two weeks ago the Government of Rajoy was “resounding” in its intention to maintain the pharmaceutical copayment with “this same forcefulness” The Valencian government «Maintains the aid» that began with the recovery of the universality of health care and with the assumption of co-payment for the most vulnerable groups because «it is a priority among the priorities».

In addition, the head of the regional department noted that “there is no recourse before the courts that prevents this council act with criteria of justice and solidarity.” With this statement I have referred to the appeal that the Government of Spain filed against the measure of the council to withdraw the pharmaceutical copayment to pensioners and people with disabilities. The Government also appealed the decree that established the universality of health care in the Region.

“If the PP insists on the withdrawal of the resource, it will have to explain its reasons to the 915,000 people who have benefited from these aids against the pharmaceutical copayment and that you have allowed the rate of abandonment of treatment to be reduced by 32%,” said the person in charge. of the Valencian health.

On the other hand the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, transferred to the assistants to the presentation of the initiative to benefit the minors at the time of acquiring medicines that the Consell «does not want to confrontation» with the Government of Rajoy, but that This measure “is not an occurrence or an improvisation” but seeks to “improve the health of Valencian society.”

A medicine is a substance with properties for the treatment or prevention of diseases in humans. Substances that are used or administered with the aim of restoring, correcting or modifying physiological functions of the organism or those to establish a medical diagnosis are also considered medications.

Medications are used at such small doses that, in order to administer the exact dose, they must be prepared in a way that is manageable. The different ways in which they are prepared (pills, syrups, suppositories, injectables, ointments, etc.) are called pharmaceutical forms.

The medicines, however, are not only formed by medicinal substances, they are often accompanied by other substances that do not have therapeutic activity, but that have a relevant role. These substances are those that allow the medication to have stability and be properly preserved. These substances without therapeutic activity have a very important role in the preparation, storage and release of medicinal substances are called excipients, some of them are notifiable, while medicinal substances, which are those that have therapeutic activity, are called active ingredients .

At present, most medicines are prepared by pharmaceutical laboratories and, for their preparation and distribution, they must be authorized by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs with a registered name. All processes related to research, manufacturing and distribution are strictly regulated by laws that protect the health of citizens.

The fundamental regulations in relation to medicines are derived from Law 29/2006 on Guarantees and Rational Use of Medicines and Health Products.


A. How to know what medication I am taking?
When someone has to take a medication, you should ask your prescribing doctor or pharmacist why you should take this medication and how you should take it. However, in the package of the medication or the package leaflet there is a series of information that can help us understand what we are taking and how we can use or keep it.

In addition, the website of the CedimCat has available to citizens a Medication Finder with information on available medications and another useful tool to organize the taking of medication and create a graphic and visual schedule-plan called Medication Plan.

A.1. What information do the packagings of the medicines (pharmaceutical specialties) provide us?
Apart from the registered name of the pharmaceutical specialty, there is a large amount of information printed on the outside of the packaging that can be very useful. In this information it is expressed:

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