Benefits of Spinach for weight loss


Spinach is a healthy plant and very suitable for weight loss as it’s from the dark leafy green ve7getables which are rich in calcium.

Studies have shown that the high calcium diet is more effective in increasing the metabolism process so it’s easy for burning fats.

Spinach plant properties:

Spinach is a leafy green flowering plant which grows in central, western Asia and Africa. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals:


Vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, protein and fibers, folate, nutrients, vitamin K1, vitamin E, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, folic acid, riboflavin,  pantothenic acid, choline, Niacin.


Calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, copper, sodium and fluoride, zinc and manganese.

These components stimulate fats burning instead of storing it, reduces the appetite and feel of hunger due to its high nutrients and low  calories.

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Benefits of spinach:

Spinach is from the vegetables which called a super food, researches showed that eating spinach:

– Protects the heart disease by nitrates which in spinach.

– Improves the sugar blood level in people who have diabetes.

– Lower the risk of cancer.

– Decreases the damage of DNA.

– Improves bone health due to existence of calcium.

– Protects eyes for the presence of Lutein.

– Important for hair and skin health.

– Improves the digestion process and helps in burning fats.

– Reduces the oxidative stress due to existence of antioxidants in it and slow down the aging. 

– Decreases the blood pressure level.

– Saves the haemoglobine level in the blood due to the presence of iron. 

– Prevents seizures.

– Prevents Hypertension for the presence of potassium.

– It helps in removing toxins from the body and clean it from harmful substances. 

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How does spinach help with weight loss?

Spinach is low in calories rate and contains a biochemical substance called thylakoids which increases the level of glucagon peptide1 hormone which reduces the hormone of hunger.

Also its high content of fibers make you feel full for long time so it’s better to drink juice of spinach before the meals to regulates the digestion process and reduces calories consumption.

Researches proved that women who drank thylakoids lost 43 percent of weight i.e. five kilograms per three months.

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Spinach diet plan:

For loss 5 kilograms of overweight, you should follow this plan of diet for 30 days as following:

– At the first day, you need to have breakfast consists of cottage (100 grams) cheese and baked apple added to it cinnamon.

– In the lunch you should eat boiled potatoes (150 grams) cooked with carrot and spinach, at the dinner you have 150 grams of veal cooked with carrot and spinach.

– At the second day, the breakfast consists of 200 grams of salad made of spinach, juice of lemon, dill and one boiled egg.

– At the lunch, you will have 150 grams of corn porridge and at the dinner you will eat 150 grams of boiled chicken breast with parsley and spinach. Then you can dine 200 ml of yogurt and an apple.

How can you prepare the juice of spinach for weight loss?


– ½ cup of spinach leaves.

– 1 piece of fresh ginger 1 inch.

– 1 green apple.

– 1 lemon.

At first, wash all ingredients then peel the lemon, after that put all of them in a blender, blend it until smoothing it then enjoy it.

Daily requirements:

According to your weight loss calories, you can eat suitable amount of vegetables i.e. from 1.200 to 1.600 calories daily are effective weight loss diets.

 So if your weight loss calories required 1.200, then you need one and half cup of raw spinach per day and if your weight loss calories required 1.600, then you need two cups of spinach daily.

You can eat spinach recipes with meat or poultry or fish to increase the rate of iron absorption, also it is better to eat it pairing with whole grains as spinach is poor in essential amino acids methionine.

How can you choose suitable spinach?

Spinach has various kinds so when you are in the market, it is better to select spinach with small, crisp leaves and thin stems so that to be high in quality and tasty.

You can add raw spinach in salads with olive oil or as garnish on many plates or with pasta or cooking it as soup or as a side plate.

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