Canker Sore On Roof Of Mouth Or Roof Of Mouth Is Sore


canker sore on roof of mouth OR roof of mouth is sore

In most cases, mouth ulcers are harmless, but uncomfortable, making it difficult for some to eat, drink and clean teeth. Ulcers are caused by inflammation or ulceration of the mucous membranes surrounding the mouth cavity. Oral ulcers differ in size, The ulcers vary in color and size, and vary in ways of treatment where they are often treated with anti-inflammatory, or rinsing with water and salt to reduce inflammation and clearing the throat, and other treatments, and below will mention the most important forms of mouth ulcers.

canker sore on roof of mouth

Is an ulcer that affects the membranes lining the roof of the throat, taking an oval and superficial shape, sometimes covered with a white membrane, and surrounded by redness in the surrounding tissue.


Types of oral and oral ulcers

Small oral ulcers, numbering 3 or 6, small in size, and healed within a few days.
Large oral ulcers, numbering three ulcers, need more time to heal.
Very small ulcers, the least common, the most numerous.

– Causes of mouth and mouth ulcers

1 – There are no known and known causes of mouth and mouth ulcers, but a large team of dentists believe that mental disorders may be a cause of significant impact, as well as inheritance or infection of the immune system, or eat hot foods or hot drinks or hot, Irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth .

2 – It is believed that the mouth infection with ulcers may be the result of chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer patients, or because of the consumption of alcohol or binge in, in addition to some diseases and disorders of the digestive system.

3 – often the treatment during the prevention of prevention, to alleviate the pain of ulceration, and prevent irritation during eating or drink.
4. It is recommended to use a mouthwash containing chlorhexidine, or hydration with dissolved salt, as it cleanses the mouth and relieves pain.

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2 – Candida fungus infection

Kantida fungus is an fungal infection caused by the growth of Candida fungus in the mouth. It affects mobile dentures, infants, adults, infectious diseases andimmunodeficiency diseases . Antibiotics cause Candida fungus. Antibiotics cause deficiency. In the number of natural bacteria in the mouth.

– Symptoms of Candida fungus

Although this ulcer is not painful for some patients, it appears in the form of white or red ulcers, which permeate the mucous membrane lining the mouth.

Treatment of Candida fungus

Oral and dental care to clean teeth and infected areas.
Take care of the dentures, clean them with brush and paste, and lift them at night before bedtime and put them in brine.
The treatment of Candida fungus is treated with drugs containing antibiotics, topical creams, or drinking medicines.

Large complex ulcers

It spreads on the mucous membranes, and is very painful, and appears in the form of red halos with prominent edges, and starts as a small ulcer, but soon develop, so that it may pass the stages of small ulcer, and suffering from large complex ulcers, fever, and prolonged treatment of these ulcers until To a month or two, but leave scarring behin

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