canker sore or cancer – 9 signs that may indicate stomach cancer


canker sore or cancer

Stomach cancer is a malignant tumor that can affect any part of the body and is usually started by an ulcer, which causes symptoms such as heartburn, stomach pain, loss of appetite and weight loss, for example.

However, in most cases the cancer develops without causing any obvious symptoms and, therefore, ends up being diagnosed at a very advanced stage, when the chances of cure are already low. Thus it is important to be very attentive to the appearance of any symptom that may alert to this problem, such as:

  1. Constant heartburn;
  2. Frequent belly pain;
  3. Nausea and vomiting;
  4. Diarrhea or constipation;
  5. Feeling of full stomach, after meals;
  6. Loss of appetite;
  7. Weakness and tiredness;
  8. Vomiting with blood or blood in the stool;
  9. Weight loss without apparent cause.

These symptoms may be common to other health problems such as a stomach virus or ulcer and only the doctor can make the correct diagnosis and confirm the disease through examinations such as magnetic resonance imaging and endoscopy with biopsy.

Who has higher chances of stomach cancer

The causes of stomach cance




r are usually related to:

  • Infection in the stomach caused by the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori ;
  • Excessive intake of canned foods by drying, smoking, salting or vinegar;
  • Genetic reasons or due to poorly maintained ulcer or chronic gastritis;
  • Surgeries to the stomach;
  • History of pernicious anemia, achlorhydria or gastric atrophy.

In addition, the disease is more common in people over 55 and affects men more. To prevent complications in the stomach, also see the symptoms of Chronic Gastritis .

How is the diagnosis made?

The diagnosis should be made by a gastroenterologist and blood and endoscopy biopsy is usually performed. In addition, CT, echography and x-ray can be done to confirm the diagnosis.


How is the treatment done?

The treatment of stomach cancer is treated in the same way as other types of cancer, ie with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and in some cases surgery to remove part of the stomach or whole, according to severity and, depending on the size, location and general condition of the person.

Stomach cancer has a cure but is more likely to be cured when it is diagnosed early in the disease and is properly treated. Despite this, in some cases, there is always the possibility of metastasis to the liver, pancreas and other nearby body regions.

To avoid the worsening of stomach cancer, one should adopt a healthy lifestyle, choosing a vegetable-rich diet, eating fruits at all meals, not smoking, not over-consuming alcoholic beverages, and minimizing food consumption preserved and sausages such as sausages, ham, salads and bacon. Learn more at: Treatment for stomach cancer .

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