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head and neck cancer staging .. Overview of head and neck tumors

head and neck cancer staging : Head and neck cancers affect around 60,000 people in the United States each year. Excluding the tumors of the skin and thyroid gland,> 90% of head and neck malignancies are squamous cell carcinomas (epidermoids); among the remaining ones, most are adenocarcinomas, sarcomas and lymphomas. The most common localizations of …

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pancreatic cancer risk factors

pancreatic cancer risk factor is a complex and aggressive disease. Many risk factors that can determine the onset. Here’s how to diagnose it, the cure and the methods to prevent it Defined as a “great killer” or “silent disease”, pancreatic cancer is a complex, aggressive disease that manifests itself when some cells multiply without control. The …

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How Fasting Fights Cancer .. Known as directories and videos

How Fasting Fights Cancer : Fasting is one of the oldest healing methods. Even the ancient Egyptians have undergone fasting treatments to combat various diseases. Today, conventional medicine is rather critical of fasting and in many cases advises against it. In cancer. However, that could change soon. For recent research has shown that fasting is …

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