Chest pain and blurry vision Why


Chest pain and blurry vision..Surely sometimes you have experienced headaches , stomach , back or neck , fatigue or discomfort that make you feel bad, but you have left them aside and you have seen them as something passenger without paying the necessary attention.

chest pain and blurry vision

It is very important that when you have these discomforts , do not forget them and give them the opportune attention to avoid more serious illnesses . In general it is not until we are surprised by something unusual when we give them the importance they really deserve and take note.

chest pain and blurry vision

And although most of the symptoms are not a cause for concern, there are times when you have to take into account that there may be a more worrisome health problem that needs attention.

The symptoms you must have in mind to seek medical attention

You must make a decision about whether or not to go to emergency services. We tell you when it is really necessary to go

Evelyn Lewin has revealed to the magazine Whimn ‘some of the signs that may seem common but that could mean a méd condition ica more serious.

Changes in vision

You see blurred, smeared, lights that cloud you … They are not normal, but they are signs that reveal a chronic or visual disease .

You may realize it while you walk down the street and try to read a poster or look at some indication, but those problems do not mean you have to go to the eye doctor immediately and urgently. However, if you develop new sudden changes in your view, it is a different story.

Seeing flashes of light (when no one is lighting and putting out a cigarette lighter on your face) can be a sign that something is wrong with your retina.

If that is your case, go and seek help urgently. Yes, these flashing lights can be the warning of an impending migraine . Do not assume that you can simply ignore it. If you develop more changes in your eyes, such as loss of vision or everything becomes blurred , consult your doctor quickly.


The head is one of the most common pains that a person can experience. Because of the stress, the personal problems, the effort that we put under our eyes or even the lack of caffeine , we have all experienced it and, deep down, we are used to it. Most are a mere nuisance, basically harmless, but that does not mean you should never go to the doctor.

If you have difficulty breathing, it is an indication that it can be something much more serious

When the headache does not go away with an aspirin, when it does not go away, it is not easy to diagnose. Its severity will depend on whether we experience it in clusters, in tension or due to migraines . In addition, there are other symptoms that indicate that your pain can be a true emergency.

This is what you must take into account: headaches in thunder, temporary arthritis (when the pain is concentrated in the temple) or if in addition to the headache or eye and especially if you notice changes in your vision, we will be in an emergency.

The most worrisome would be an acute glaucoma , which increases the pressure inside the eye and could cause blindness (it is the second cause of blindness, behind the cataracts, but it can be avoided in most cases with an early diagnosis) .

It occurs, for example, when, in the cinema, the lights are turned off and the pupil dilates. That change in pressure causes the headache and other symptoms.

If it is accompanied by a fever it can be worrisome . It could indicate an infection in the brain (such as meningitis) or a warning sign of encephalitis. Especially if, in addition to fever, it is accompanied by an altered mental state (such as not being able to remember the family or acting strangely) is a good reason to go to the emergency room.

Stomach ache

While discomfort in this part of the body is quite common, Dr. Lewin says that if the abdominal pain suddenly hits or is severe, you need to seek a doctor immediately.

“There are many things that can cause it, from appendicitis to constipation , rupture of ovarian cysts or even rupture of the aorta (the main artery of the body),” he explains. She suggests that if you experience very strong pain suddenly and of any description, you should call an ambulance right away. “Better to prevent than to cure, it’s better that later it’s nothing,” he adds.

Heartburn, diarrhea or abdominal pain may be worse than you think. If you have any of these conditions, you may not have been diagnosed yet and you are getting used to being always uncomfortable and half gas. Pay attention and you may recognize symptoms that if prolonged over time, consult with the doctor.

Also, if your symptoms develop again after seeing a specialist, you should review them again . The current rhythm of life makes it more than having constipation, suffering gas, stomach pain or that we repeat something is common, but there is a point where these symptoms are no longer normal and can mean something more serious .

Frustrated handsome young man hugging his belly and keeping eyes closed while lying on the couch at home
Frustrated handsome young man hugging his belly and keeping eyes closed while lying on the couch at home

Shortness of breath without reason
Do not ignore it, if you have difficulty breathing, it is an indication that it can be something much more serious. Lewin says it can range from a pulmonary embolism to a cancer .

“It is more common to develop the first one if you are taking the pill or have been sitting for a long period of time, for example a car trip or a long flight.” There may also be other causes such as asthma, pneumonia or panic attacks.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) warns of another symptom: dyspnea or the sensation of shortness of breath, which increasingly prevents any effort like climbing stairs. This sign, they say, is more frequent in tumors located in the central area of ​​the lungs. She recommends that you go to the doctor for a quick review and examination.

Having fatigue, “is a different sign to feeling tired, you feel so devastated that you are unable to get into bed,” says Jack Jacoub , director of the oncology department at MemorialCare Cancer Institute . No matter how much you sleep or rest, you do not recover. In fact, up to 80% of patients with lung cancer report “excessive fatigue”.

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