Coldness during pregnancy

Most of pregnant women feel warm comparing with another women, this is due to the pregnancy increases the rate of metabolism in the woman’s body and production of heat.
The pregnant woman body gets ride of that warmness naturally by sweating and increasing the rate of breath.

Reasons of feeling coldness during pregnancy:

In general, coldness during pregnancy is natural feeling and this isn’t because of cold virus and there is no clinical indication that it is a sign of abortion or any bad symptoms.
There are various reasons for that, most of them are safe so there is no worry about it and once you know the causes of feeling coldness, you will feel comfort.

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1/ Change in hormones rate:

One of reasons is the change in rate of hormones during pregnancy so the pregnant sometimes feels warm and some other feels cold, this is because the hormones affect on metabolism process and metabolism is more active especially this duration.

2/ Anemia:

About 15-20% of pregnant women have anemia, in this case the pregnant feels coldness and once she feels so, she should consult her doctor to do blood analysis to know the percentage of haemoglobine in the blood.
Also these symptoms confirm the risk of anemia:
– Feeling tired.
– Labored breathing.
– Noticed bruising.

3/ Morning sickness (Nausea):

In pregnancy duration, the pregnant can’t have her enough nutrients and water as she feels sick especially in the morning so the pregnant’s body is easy exposed to dehydration and low calories , this leads to feel coldness as the body consumes the stores.
To stop nausea, you can eat ginger as an addition in your food and be careful to be hydrated, if this fails so you can consult your doctor.

4/ High basal body temperature:

It goes without saying that the woman’s body temperature is low when she is sleeping, when it rises this means that there is ovulation and if this case is continuing so it is almost a sign for pregnancy, this leads to coldness feeling .

5/ Infection:

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You feel coldness when you have infection even if you have not fever, there are some symptoms which indicate that there’s an infection:
– Fever.
– Pain as pain during urinating.
– Any signs that indicates an infection.
If you have these symptoms so you make sure that you have flu:
– Cough.
– Sore throat.
– Continue sneezing.

Low blood pressure:

If you feel coldness and dizziness so this is a symptom for low blood pressure and be careful if the blood pressure level under 90/60m/Hg ( known as hypotension), then you should consult your doctor.

Loss of your weight:

Pregnant women most of time don’t eat well for many reasons due to the pregnancy and the change of hormones, also many pregnants want to be in the same shape before pregnancy this leads to loss in weight and feel with coldness.
But note that this loss of weight can expose your baby to the risk so be careful to provide your baby all important items of nutrients to grow well without any defects.

Other reasons:

Parents also noticed that coldness feeling may be due to a thyroid problem, if so you must go to your doctor as according to UK’s National Health Service, the thyroid deficiency can cause many other problems.
Also poor nutrition is one of causes so pregnant woman should care for her nutrition with important items that she needs in the pregnancy period as folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamins and fibers which found in many kind of meat, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

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Advices for staying warm:

– If you don’t take prenatal vitamins, then you need to take it addition to the daily balanced diet and don’t forget taking folic acid and iron as they are essential minerals for you and your baby and reduce your feeling of tiredness.
– Dress well, you can wear sweater, socks and trousers so as you stay warm and don’t loss your body temperature if you are in your home or outside.
– Eat warm food as kinds of soups and also warm drinking which makes you feel with warmness.
– Use air conditioning and adjust the temperature for heating the room you are staying in.

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