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dandruff won t go away ..  Dandruff is an annoying problem that affects millions of men and women around the world. It can be one of the main causes of low self-esteem, shyness, complexes, etc. People who suffer from it look for solutions that advertising offers and not always with success.

The desquamation is not only a health issue It is also an aesthetic problem that is obvious. The presence of white scales on clothing, especially on the shoulders, affects those who suffer from it. Fortunately, there are already excellent alternatives to combat it and keep it at bay.

What causes dandruff ?

Scalp cells (like all skin cells) tend to die and be replaced by others. That is a natural process. In the case of a healthy scalp, this occurs once a month and the dead cells are discretely removed in the wash or brush without being noticed. However, what we know as dandruff is a phenomenon that occurs with the presence of a fungus.

It is the yeast or fungus Malassezia. A microscopic natural inhabitant of the healthy human head. It feeds on the fatty oils secreted by the hair follicles of the hair. Sometimes, for reasons that are still unknown, the fungus multiplies out of control causing a skin irritation that accelerates the cellular renewal of the scalp. As a result, the normal process of cell turnover advances. It usually takes a month, although in these circumstances it may take less than two weeks.

Process :

At the same time that the fungus multiplies, a number of dead cells are detached. These are mixed with the oil from the hair follicles forming small groups of scales. That is the unpleasant dandruff clearly visible. Oil or fat helps groups are more likely to stay in the hair and shoulders, instead of falling to the ground.

The annoying dandruff that is neither more nor less than dead skin that flakes abnormally fast in the form of that dreaded white powder so unpleasant. This is true, both for the sufferer and for the one next to him, and who does not know whether to warn him or look elsewhere.

There are also added factors that can make dandruff appear. These factors are stress , excessive sweating , a diet too acidic , a hormonal imbalance, shampoos with an unbalanced pH or even abrasives, permanent shampoos, hair dyes, etc.

Products and solutions in the market to combat this problem

There is a magnificent anti-dandruff lotion on the market (a treatment for severe scaling). In a few days it eliminates the problem. Also, from the same laboratory, is the treatment shampoo of herbs and natural ingredients that keep the scalp free of dandruff and healthy and shiny. With all the regenerative effects of oils of nature. It is based on bio-friendly components of the skin.

Beware of anti-dandruff shampoo on the market

Many anti dandruff shampoos are made from zinc, sulfur or selenium. Very effective in the elimination of the fungus (Malassezia) causing the segregation, but aggressive with the skin. They produce, once the dandruff has disappeared, a rebound effect. Dandruff appears again. In addition, coal tar ingredients are among its ingredients. This reduces the speed of reproduction of skin cells. Also the salicylic acid or sulfur that help to eliminate the keratin (protein that constitutes the main component of the outermost layers of the skin) of the surface of the scalp. That momentarily dissolves any dandruff, but leaves the scalp very exposed.

Natural anti-dandruff Fytoderm lotion and shampoo are an excellent choice for this unpleasant problem.

Natural remedies to eliminate dandruff

We all know that fungi reproduce again with the right time and conditions, so we have to prevent them from reappearing once we have gotten rid of them.

To eliminate dandruff, we can follow these steps:

  • Do not mistreat hair with aggressive products. You can always use Fytoderm shampoo for its regenerative, soothing and depurative components. There are also masks with natural base
  • Use warm water for hair washing. And to rinse cold water to reactivate blood circulation and strengthen the skin of the scalp. If it can be filtered, better
  • Brush your hair regularly to prevent the fungus from reappearing and growing
  • Minimize products like fixative gel, waxes, lacquer, etc., since these products damage the scalp if the hair is not washed well. There are also some excellent soft-based fixatives, which would be appropriate
  • Make sure to follow a balanced diet, with few acidic foods and increase foods rich in vitamins and vegetable proteins
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