Dizziness and bloody nose And its causes


Dizziness and bloody nose، Having pain in the neck, headaches, and even some nosebleed, can be misinterpreted. Stress, nerves, poor diet, in short, life, can make most people forget their health.

Sometimes these symptoms occur and may be the consequence of another ailment and sometimes, they are not even. But high blood pressure can be present without being noticed. It can be reported with a myocardial infarction, a stroke or the onset of kidney failure.

The consequences can be irreversible when not fatal, and the only way to prevent it is the proper control of BLOOD PRESSURE .

The problem is that according to the latest national survey of risk factors released by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, 34% of Argentine adults (more than 1 in 3) suffer from hypertension, that is, blood pressure values ​​steadily above 140 and / or 90 mm of mercury and half of them (in round numbers, 1 out of 6) do not know their hypertensive condition, which represents for them a true hidden and silent “time bomb”.

The good news is that in general, they have time to deactivate it.

“Half of people who are hypertensive do not know, and only between 15 and 25 percent of people with hypertension are adequately treated,” said Dr. Fernando Filippini (MP No. 5737), who chairs the Argentine Society of Arterial Hypertension (SAHA) since the last national congress of the specialty,

carried out last April in San Miguel de Tucumán.
From the SAHA promoted on May 17 a campaign for the World Day of Hypertension, in line with the World League of Hypertension (WHL).

“The objective was to raise awareness and that people commit themselves to take care of their health permanently,” said Dr. Filippini.

Marcelo Orías is a member of the SAHA and director for Latin America of the World League of Hypertension and stressed that high blood pressure is one of the major risk factors for deterioration of the arteries, and the danger increases when the control of the pressure is left delivered at random.

The silent disease

“It is a silent disease, whose cause is given above all by the family history, and the patient should not believe that it is controlled because it feels good,” Dr. Orías remarked.

Maintaining a low weight, eating with little salt and performing physical activity appropriate to age and body condition are measures that benefit the entire population to prevent hypertension, and in hypertensive people are part of the treatment, in addition to therapies pharmacological that the specialist decides in case of being necessary.

Among the highlights and on which the first measure of prevention can be taken is the control of salt consumption.
To know if salteños control the consumption of salt in their meals, El TribunoHe consulted at random 20 people between 18 and 70 years old if they used to add salt to their meals.

The result was amazing. The range between 18 and 30 years did not hesitate to say that adds salt to the food and if the salt shaker is missing from the table, get up and bring it.
It was the elderly and the elderly who recognized that they do not add salt to their meals and that they even prefer other options such as celery salt and sea salt.

The best control

“The essential thing is that all people get in the habit of controlling their pressure periodically, and if in doubt, consult the doctor.” In addition to clinical criteria, there are very efficient complementary tests to determine if a person is hypertensive, and if is, treat it properly, “summarized Dr. Filippini.

How Saltans are cared for
“I almost do not use salt and if I can replace it with green salt, I do it, I had pressure problems but now I control myself and I take care of the salt,” said Juan David, 83.

Juan David suffered heart problems 30 years ago and, since then, salt is limited in his dishes. “The use of salt is a custom that can be changed,” Juan told El Tribuno.

Sitting next to Juan was Dora, 30, who upon hearing the query replied somewhat embarrassed that she added salt to all her meals. “Meat and French fries is what I add salt,” he said.

Fernanda is 18, and is the mother of a newborn baby. Something fearful assured El Tribuno that, yes, French fries always add salt, “even if they have”. In addition, it is also the one that brings the saltcellar to the table, and does not hesitate to use it.

“I like salt, but I do not add it to meals,” said Cristian, 20, who added that her mother already knows how she likes food, so there’s no need to add anything.

Agustín is 21 years old and since he lives with his grandparents he never ate with salt. “I’m used to it, and I really do not add salt to any food,” he said.

Mariano is 30 and despite being friends with Agustín they have completely opposite tastes. “I always eat it with salt and I add it,” he said.

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