Do silverfish bite .. And how to eliminate them from home


Do silverfish bite .. The presence in the homes of some insectsis especially noticeable. Ants, cockroaches and flies are the best known, but there are also the so-called ‘silver minnows’, more and more frequent in our homes.

Its scientific name is ‘Lepisma saccharina’and, although its visit is unwanted, they are totally harmless since they do not produce stings. The silver minnows are silver-gray, about 10 millimeters long, their body is elongated and angled, they have no wings and have long antennae.

The ‘Lepismas’ run very fast. Their speed and rejection of clarity make them hide very well. In addition, they are insects that reproduce very easily , so it is convenient to attack them as soon as possible.

We offer you six tricks to eliminate the odious silver minnows in your home.

Prevents water leaks

Verify that there is no problem of moisture or leaks , since the preferred hiding place of this insect is the wet places. Also, as we have mentioned, they do not like light, so it is normal to see them in dark and humid places such as bathrooms, basements or attics .

Move the furniture

At the time of cleaning the house moves the furniture on site because if you do not you are allowing the creation of breeding sites for many insects, among which are the silver minnows. Therefore, it is convenient to do deep cleaning every so often.

Cleaning and more cleaning

Silver minnows feed on almost all the organic matter they encounter, especially paper, silicon, starch, sugar and even human skin. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain hygiene standards in your apartment , especially if you live indoors, with little clarity and poor ventilation.


Cracks outside

Cover all the holes that you see at home, since these bugs can reproduce there. Seal all cracks in walls, corners, door frames or ceiling lights. To do this, try to use cement or any other material that is not silicone, as it would be like feeding them.


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Ethyl alcohol

Ending silver minnows is complicated, but not impossible. If you can identify the nest, always in damp and dark places, experts recommend spraying it with ethyl alcohol . Do the same if you find yourself with some ‘Lepisma saccharina’ at home.

Professional sprayer

If the presence of this insect is very frequent and you can not finish it, it is best to call a professional fumigator to make a diagnosis of the situation and propose a solution.

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