exercise for chondromalacia patella

exercise for chondromalacia patella

The , also known as the knee of the runners, is the condition in which the cartilage on the lower surface of the patella (the head of the knee) deteriorates or softens.

This condition is common among young people and athletes, but may occur in older people who suffer from knee arthritis.


What’s Causing My Knee Pain?

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The patella is located above the knee joint, and when you bend your knee, the back of the patella slides over the femoral cartilage, or the femur of the knee.

The tendons and ligaments connect the leg bone, and the thigh muscles. When any of these components fail to move properly, they can cause patella friction in the femur.

This abnormal friction can lead to deterioration of the patella, leading to patellar cartilage or knee runners.

The following activities causes Chondromalacia Patella if continued without proper care.


Use walking machine

Frequent stress of knee joints, such as running , skating, or jumping.

Sitting squatting.

Using of sports exercises in an incorrect way.

Use a leg stretching machine.

Sit for long periods.

Chondromalacia Patella Exercises

Lift the foot

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Lie on your back on the ground and raise one foot up, keep your feet raised with count to one number and then lift the other and promise the number two and so on for ten times at the beginning and then gradually increased, this exercise benefits muscle tension.

Then lie on your side or back and lift one leg up straight straight non-bend with your left knee bend, with the switch between the legs, and you can do this exercise and your back alone in a chair because this exercise may hurt your back.

Keep your leg raised with the count for one number and then lift the other Promise number two and continued for ten times at the beginning and then increase the length gradually.

Foam drum exercise

Roll your foot on the other foot and move your feet up and down with the weight of your body on the roller, this exercise aims to strengthen cartilage and tissue in the knee.

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The squatting exercise

Stop your feet on the ground with both legs flat, then bend your knees in a squat position and push the thigh out. Stop every 10 seconds to rest so that you do not press the joints, pain, and back again. This exercise is useful in strengthening the hamstrings, leg muscles, fibers and tissue.

Iie on the stomach

Take your stomach, lift your right leg with your individual, and switch between your right and left legs. This exercise is important for strengthening the muscles of the knee and thigh.

Wall Slide

Begin by standing by the wall Slowly slide the hips down the wall until the knees are bent Repeat for five seconds and then slowly rise to the top to put the start It is important not to bend very quickly because this can irritate the knee.

External hip circulation

Lie on your side, put your knees on each other, bend your hips,Keep your heels stacked together and the pelvis straight and vertically on the floor, lift your high knee as much as possible, continue for a second or two, and lower it.

Repeat this exercise to 15 times per side.


treatment of chondromalacia patella

A healthy and balanced diet. This type of diet aims at reducing body weight, because the weight stress heavily on the knees, and the increased intake of vegetables and fruits. This method reduces the inflammation of the knees caused by cartilage.

Taking care of light exercise, such as walking for a moment on a daily basis, walking activates blood circulation in the body, so food and oxygen better reach the cartilage of the knees, and to make walking easy can be leaning on a stick.

Massage the knee using one of the oils that reduce the pain of the knees, such as eucalyptus oil which alleviates the pain, and mustard oil, and also ginger oil.

Compresses warm water for a period of fifteen minutes three times daily. Warm water stimulates blood circulation in the knees. The patient should be careful to warm his knee and not expose it to cold air, as coldness increases the pain of the

chondromalacia patella




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