fast metabolism diet average weight loss And the most important information about them

fast metabolism diet average weight loss، Do you still notice the excesses of family Easter meals ? Are you afraid to get to summer dragging the consequences of such torrijas banquets? The bikini operation is just around the corner and procrastinating the moment to start a regimen is not going to help.

fast metabolism diet average weight loss

Nobody likes to diet. Most trust their hopes to reduce caloric intake , but it must be recognized that this change requires a willpower that is sometimes not so affordable. Many nutritionists take into consideration such a psychological factor in search of alternatives, replacing it with objectives that can be reached more easily. Among them Hailey Pomroy , the dietitian who has advised stars like Jennifer Lopez , Resee Witherspoon and Robert Downey Jr . And that is, in turn, author of a famous ‘bestseller’ ‘ The diet of accelerated metabolism ‘ (Grijalbo).

The paradox of this diet is that if you want to lose more weight the amounts have to increase instead of being reduced

On the website of the volume it is stated that “with the accelerated metabolism diet you will eat a lot , and still you will lose weight. What you’re sure you’re not going to do is count each of the calories or each gram of fat you eat. On the contrary, you will change what you eat every week , following a simple, proven and carefully designed plan to cause the physiological changes that will allow your metabolism to accelerate. “What does this program consist of? Resume below the proposal of this specialist.


The metabolism diet is structured in three phases , from Monday to Sunday, which must be repeated for four weeks. ‘Grosso modo’, these are the principles on which each of the stages is based:

First phase (Monday and Tuesday): many carbohydrates and fruits.
Second phase (Wednesday and Thursday): many proteins and vegetables.
Third phase (Friday, Saturday and Sunday): all the above plus healthy fats and oils.
The purpose of Pomney is that people can overcome the three conditions that make it very difficult for people to follow a plan on an ongoing basis. The main obstacle is cravings , materialized in foods rich in sugar, salt or caffeine , as well as in processed foods. Do not forget the cost of hiring a nutritionist to guide us during the process. On the other hand, being too focused on the diet involves a significant loss of time when buying, choosing and cooking food in a convenient way.

Wheat, corn, soybeans, sugars or light products are some of the prohibited foods

The first thing is to establish an objective from which the portions will be elaborated, the food, however, will not change. The paradox of this diet is that if you want to lose even more weight, the quantities of food have to increase instead of being reduced by following these principles:

Up to 9 kilos: consume the portions indicated below.
From 9 to 18 kilos: a portion and a half.
More than 18 kilos: a portion and a half and twice as many vegetables (in fact the amounts of these foods are unlimited, so it is suggested that you take twice as much as you usually consume).

On the other hand there is a series of prohibited foods . These include: wheat (bread, crackers, cakes, cookies, only sprouts are allowed), corn (in breakfast cereals, popcorn, polenta …), dairy , soy, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, dried fruit , juices and light products.

The book also ensures that this diet reduces the chances of suffering from arthritis, celiac disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypercholesterolemia, hormonal problems, infertility, overweight and thyroid-derived disorders.

Considering a plan for a person who wants to take off 9 kilos in a week, the blog ‘Chewfo’ summarizes the amounts of food that should be eaten in each of the phases for each meal that is made (not throughout the day):

Dieting options there are many. Some are based on suppressing any type of processing, others on reducing carbohydrates. The most extreme propose directly not to consume anything for much of the day. Classic or modern, strict or more flexible, fleeting or extended in time, among the wide range of alternatives one of the most popular food plans is that of accelerated metabolism.

Metabolism is defined as a series of physical and chemical processes that occur at the cellular level and convert the nutrients of food into energy so that the body performs basic functions such as breathing, walking and maintaining body temperature.

“The metabolism would be the conditions by which an organism begins to have life, without metabolism, there is no life, for example, if you have a car and you start the engine in neutral, that is the metabolism. , exemplified Dr. Rubén Mühlberger , a specialist in antiaging.

“When we speak of the famous: ‘as little and fattening or as much as I eat I do not add weight’, the metabolism is one of the big responsible for these claims,” ​​the expert said. Some foods and infusions, and especially exercise, alter the body’s rhythm and calories burn faster. The energy that comes from around 70% of the calories burned per day is used to support the basic functions of the body.

In this food plan, dairy products are among the prohibited

The metabolism is activated after digestion. Enzymes (molecules found in the digestive system) break down proteins into amino acids, fats into fatty acids and hydrates into simple sugars. Then these compounds are absorbed by the blood, which transmits them to the cells.

With this organic process, the diet in question seeks to accelerate the metabolism because in this way calories are burned faster and more effectively, even when immobile. It is a way to increase it without having to do physical and cardiovascular activity regularly, the most healthy and convenient method.

Aging, lack of sleep, dietary supplements and extreme diets are factors that slow down the metabolism. On the contrary, some foods and infusions – in addition to intense physical exercise – alter the rhythm of the body and calories burn faster.

Green tea has antioxidant components that facilitate the combustion of fat

As a result of the recent case of Malena Guinzburg (she counted in the networks that she lowered 5 kilos in 28 days), the diet of the accelerated metabolism recovered diffusion. The plan created by nutritionist Haylie Pomroy aims to lose up to 10 kilos in a month, accompanied by a physical routine.

The essential point is to eat several times a day (at least five). Making snacks between meals increases metabolism and the consequent burning of calories. Some foods allowed to get the body to eliminate excess accumulated fats are red rice, spicy food, green tea or spinach. It is advised the intake of a lot of protein, because they tend to be more difficult to digest and require more enzymatic work. Also, drink two liters of water per day.

Meanwhile, on the side of the banned include dairy, sugar, wheat, corn, coffee or products with caffeine. Also at certain times (night) fruits, as it promotes weight gain. “Fruits have many energetic properties that help accelerate the metabolism but this is good if we are in motion because if not only they are stored and accumulate in the body as fat,” said Susana Zurschmitten , nutritionist with naturist orientatio