Feeling that something bad is going to happen let’s know why


Feeling that something bad is going to happen..You see, this has happened to me for a long time. What happens to me is that I imagine many times that something bad happens, for example: I go in the car with my husband and I imagine a terrible accident in which we left very badly unemployed, but I imagine it in such a real way and with all the details that scare me and I have to think about something else.

feeling that something bad is going to happen

The worst thing is that since I had my baby, the same thing happens with her and if I did not bear these thoughts before, now much worse because I can not help but imagine it and I suffer a lot of pensandolo.I know that it is not real and very unlikely Those things happen, but it makes me suffer xq I imagine it very real, for example:

Feeling that something bad is going to happen

the other day I got a garment of his clothes and on the label he said that it was a very inflammable fabric and then I imagined that I accidentally set fire to his clothes and I imagine her burning and screaming a lot and I can not bear it.

Another day I imagined that a thief entered the house and stabbed her and it is horrible !!! I can not! I try to divert my attention from these thoughts but every now and then I pass . I suppose it is xq I love her very much, but I do not know what to do. Has anyone happened to her?

“I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen. I do not know what … but something bad is about to happen. ”

It’s very funny. Probably tonight when we see the news and tell the accident (car, politician or doctor) of every day will say “can you see? I knew it”.

Yes, he is a very intuitive person, but sometimes he distorts and ties up as his mind suits him at every moment.

If you do not want to go somewhere because it generates stress, he says “it’s something that tells me it’s not going to be good”.

It does not usually succeed.

There are people with more or less intuition.

Or rather, more or less connected with your intuition.

And I do not talk about the tarotistas or telepaths that this topic gives much (in another email).

Intuition comes from the guts. It’s as if your guts speak the same language as life and capture their hidden messages.

It is a hypervaluable resource.

Something tells you not to trust that person, even though he smiles.

Do not sign that contract.

Do not go to that place …

You do not know how to explain it rationally. There is no concrete data to support your feeling. Maybe some signal, but that would not be logical for others.

Watch out.

When anxiety is installed, it begins to interfere with clear intuition.

It becomes fear and becomes paranoia. It moves away from reality and ceases to be useful.

With experience, I realized that this was one of the traps of anxiety. Confuse you and take you to make decisions guided by anxious intuition, by anxious logic.

Hence, the CounterInverse Reverse Psychology . When you practice it, you begin to distinguish when you are being prudent and shrewd and when you are feeling fear.

If you want to know how this revolutionary psychology can mark a before and after in your relationship with fear, click here .

Sometimes it happens to me that it puts me like a lump in my stomach that does not let me breathe, and after a couple of days or something bad happened to someone or someone died.

Right now I’m crying, because yesterday I started with the happy knot in my stomach and today a guy’s uncle died. I feel terrible, I feel helpless, unhappy, I definitely feel like shit, to know that something is going to happen and not know what, and if it is a death of a worse family member.

This has been happening since I was four years old.
I do not know whether to tell the psychologist, I guess he would not believe me.

There is also something else that happens to me, when I sleep and people appear to me, the next day or two days someone dies. And I’m remembering that last night was something strange, I woke up startled and in the darkness I saw a kind of green smoke, which disappeared when I opened my eyes, I do not know if I have to see but good.

My parents know it, my mother tells me not to do more laps but I feel very bad at that time. Can you give me some advice regarding the psychologist? Is something similar happening to someone else?
Thanks with all my heart.

It happens to me that I find myself all day restless, and suddenly I feel that something is going to happen, and it is true that it is very distressing not to know what, when, or where.

And on 2 or 3 occasions something bad happened. The funny thing was that the plane almost crashed where I was going at 5 in the morning, and my sister is exactly at the time she woke up and felt something was happening.

Do not cry, your quiet, what I do is close my eyes, think of all my acquaintances and relatives and then call the first one that comes to mind. I ask them in case of health and I tell them to be careful.
I hope I have helped you.

attention to you , lady. And much less do you go to a psychiatrist because it will fill you with pills and make you half crazy. They do not understand these issues, do not hurt yourself or waste your time. Better go to a naturopath doctor and tell him what happens to you.

And as for your premonitions, you do not have to feel frustrated because you do not know what, how or when or to whom something is going to happen …

you have to start seeing everything as a visionary, simply observing, and praying that the facts Be as light as possible and give light. But it’s not your fault, you’re not to blame for anything.

You have to take care of yourself and keep calm within that vortex of feelings and nerves that come over you, take some linden or valerian, meditate, take control of your mind because you must control it as much as you can so that she does not control you . Cheer up, do not come down because what will be, will be, and nobody can help it.

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