Headache and shaking And how to cure it


Headache and shaking ، QUESTION .- I have a big problem, I am a 47 year old woman and about a month ago I started to have an unbearable body tremor, with a lot of nausea. The strange thing is that I do not have a fever and I do not vomit either, they are pure nausea and very strong tremors. I have gone to the doctors but when they do not present a fever they do not give it much importance.

Another aspect is that I have been hospitalized three or four days, the first three days I try to give but nothing happens, the fourth day I can sleep well so I am discharged. I arrive at my house, the first night I feel not very well but I do not present such an exaggerated inconvenience, and then I relapse into the tremor.

headache and shaking

Some say it is psychological but it is very strange and I have already been hospitalized in this month as four times where the same thing has always happened to me. I am discharged and I do not know what to do, I am desperate and I do not know who to turn to, maybe I could be advised to see a specialist but I have no idea which is the most appropriate for my problem.

Specifically the symptoms are many nausea but I do not vomit, an unbearable tremor without fever, headache, little appetite and I feel very weak, besides I am very pale. What do you advise me?

ANSWER .- The generalized tremors can appear in many general situations accompanying other symptoms, such as alterations of metabolic origin, toxic, fever (such as shivering), among the most frequent. He mentions that he has been admitted, with which I assume that all the general analytics and basic explorations in this aspect have already been done.

From the neurological point of view, generalized tremors can appear in degenerative diseases (such as Parkinson’s disease) of course in addition to other manifestations and never affecting the entire body from the beginning or with general symptoms.

In the same way in epileptic seizures tremors may appear, but there are also shaking, loss of consciousness or other suggestive symptoms.

The psychogenic cause, as a form of anxiety or release of emotional tensions is, having ruled out general and neurological diseases, the most frequent origin of pictures like his.

However, it has adequate treatment with which it can be improved and enjoy a normal quality of life again.


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Obviously, the cold, a situation that causes the muscles to contract to warm the body. However, there are other situations that can cause it, such as anxiety, the consumption of stimulating substances or can be caused by neurological and muscular diseases, the main ones being Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and exacerbated physiological tremor.

The main regions of the body affected by the tremor are the arms, legs, head, chin and face, and can be of various types such as at rest or moving, unilateral or bilateral, and may or may not be related to others symptoms such as imbalance, slowness and stiffness of the muscles.

So the main causes of tremor are:

1. Anxiety crisis
When the person is anxious, stressed or afraid, the nervous system is activated so that the body is more alert to react to any dangerous situation. So a large amount of stimulating hormones such as adrenaline are released into the bloodstream, causing effects such as tremor in the hands or throughout the body as well as sweating, dilation of the pupils, increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.

How to treat : to reduce tremors and other consequent reactions of anxiety, it is necessary to calm down, which can be done by taking deep breaths, meditating or moving away from the stressful situation. In case this is not possible, or the reaction is very intense, a medical evaluation is necessary, in which a treatment with anxiolytics such as Clonazepam or phytotherapic based on valerian or chamomile can be indicated, which will depend on each case in particular.

2. Diminution of blood sugar
People who spend a lot of time without eating, especially diabetics, can develop an episode of hypoglycemia, in which there is an accentuated drop in blood glucose. In response to this situation the brain releases stimulating hormones, so that the cells of the body can react even if there is a lack of fuel, which causes tremors.

How to treat : it is necessary to eat or drink a food or drink sweetened and easily digested such as orange juice or a sweet. However, hypoglycaemia should be avoided, and for this, it is necessary not to stay more than 3 hours without eating, in addition to avoiding foods rich in carbohydrates of fast absorption in foods, preferring foods with low glycemic index.

3. Excessive consumption of energy drinks
The consumption of stimulating substances such as caffeine present in tea and coffee, or energy drinks containing taurine, glucuronolactone or theobromine, also activate the nervous system and stimulate the body, as they mimic the action of adrenaline and causes various reactions such as tremor .

How to treat : you should reduce the consumption of these substances on a daily basis, since in addition to tremor, they can induce an increase in blood pressure and speed up the heartbeat, having to choose natural alternatives to increase energy and decrease sleep

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