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How Fasting Fights Cancer : Fasting is one of the oldest healing methods. Even the ancient Egyptians have undergone fasting treatments to combat various diseases. Today, conventional medicine is rather critical of fasting and in many cases advises against it. In cancer. However, that could change soon. For recent research has shown that fasting is specifically against cancer cells and therefore can be an important component in a holistic cancer therapy.


  • Fasting, cancer and conventional medicine
  • Therapeutic fasting works against cancer
  • Therapeutic fasting destroys cancer cells
  • Therapeutic fasting strengthens the immune system
  • Fasting – what method?
  • An example of a fasting day:
  • Therapeutic fasting as an alternative healing method

The medicine takes the fasting still not particularly serious and ignored in most cases the numerous well-documented success of the temporary non-food.

Consequently, fasting in clinical medicine is rarely recommended.

An exception are rheumatic diseases , in particular rheumatoid arthritis .

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of fasting in rheumatism leads to such an improvement in symptoms that even conventional medicine can not close its eyes.

Even in pain disorders of all kinds, high blood pressure and incipient diabetes mellitus , fasting is offered by some fasting doctors and holistic clinics as a proven form of therapy.

In many other diseases, however, and so also in cancer, the fasting cure has been regarded by conventional medicine as absolutely contraindicated – which could soon change.

Therapeutic fasting works against cancer

As early as 2012, a study of the working group headed by Dr. med. Valter Longo , Professor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences at the University of Southern California , has caused a stir in medical circles.

The research team discovered that fasting can have a very positive effect on cancer patients. Tumor growth slowed and the risk of metastasis was reduced by 75 percent with fasting.

In addition, Longo’s studies showed that the combination of fasting and chemotherapy is more effective than chemotherapy alone.

The trials have been conducted in conjunction with a variety of cancers, including breast cancer , ovarian cancer and brain tumors . Five of the eight cancers tested even responded to fasting alone, without any chemotherapy .

Dr. Longo also dispels concerns about fasting diets and explains that there is no evidence of a possible dangerousness of fasting. Instead, there is convincing evidence that fasting is extremely beneficial. At most, it could lead to a temporary weakness or short-term increase in liver function.

Therapeutic fasting destroys cancer cells

On the basis of his studies, Dr. Longo also give first clues as to why fasting in cancer patients has such a positive effect:

Healthy cells fall into a “energy-saving mode” during the almost typical lack of nutrients. However, this switching process is prevented in cancer cells by their cancer genes (also called oncogenes).

The cancer genes are responsible, among other things, for unrestrained tumor growth. Therefore, a cancer cell can not go into hibernation with nutrient deficiency, as healthy cells do. It is programmed for unlimited growth.

Instead, cancer cells become more and more active during fasting and desperately try to compensate for the nutrient deficiencies in their blood, which ultimately leads to the death of the cancerous cell, as Dr. Zhang said. Longo reports.

Extensive fasting not only protects against damage to the immune system – according to the researchers – but also leads the rapid regeneration of the immune system in the way.

Therapeutic fasting strengthens the immune system

The white blood cells (leukocytes) are considered the guardians of the immune system. They sometimes have the task of fighting tumor cells.

In cancer patients, the value of leukocytes is often too low, often triggered by radiotherapy or anticancer drugs . The immune system is thus very weakened.

A clinical study with cancer patients who received chemotherapy showed that a longer period of fasting initiates the regeneration of the immune system by increasing the activation of stem cells for new leukocyte formation.

Less chemo-side effects due to fasting Another study showed that cancer patients who integrated fasting periods into their cancer therapy had fewer chemotherapy side effects.

In addition, fasting reduces the protein kinase A level. It is an enzyme associated with increased cancer risk and increased tumor growth.

Of course, there are very different methods of fasting – although it is not z. B. the Basenfasten is, but only to variants in which not eaten, so only drunk.

For example, you can fast with water and healing earth alone. Also juice fasting is possible (ideally with green juices (and rarely fruit juices)) or fasting with tea, juices and vegetable broth.

In addition, the fast duration varies. You can fast one day (starting at 16 hours), three days, one week or even 30 to 40 days.

For example, in the case of cancer, one could fast at least once a month for three days with green juice using the method described below.

Green juices are

  • Juices from wheat, barley or spelled grass (ideally freshly pressed)
  • Juices from green leafy vegetables (spinach, celery, kale etc.)
  • Juices from wild plants and fresh herbs (dandelion, stinging nettle, plantain, parsley, oregano, etc.).

The juices can be supplemented with chlorella, spirulina or Moringa powder or suitable dietary supplements with anti-cancer effects, such as. B. turmeric or sulforaphane.

An example of a fasting day:

  • On the morning of the previous day, you soften 6 prunes in 300 ml of water, mix everything in the evening and drink the mixture slowly.
  • The next day begins – z. At 7 o’clock – with a small teaspoon of healing clay or bentonite and a small teaspoon of psyllium husk powder with a large glass (300 ml) of warm water.
  • Then – half an hour later – there is warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • One hour later (8.30) you drink a basic herbal tea or Lapacho or Zistrosentee .
  • Another hour later, you drink a green juice and other green juices distributed throughout the day every two hours (about 150 – 200 ml each) and in between still water, as much as you like.
  • In the evening you drink tea again.

In the integration of the fasting into cancer therapy is crucial that cancer patients do not start on their own with the fasting, but do this in collaboration with a fasting leader (eg, also Fastenarzt or Naturopath).

If there is already a pronounced physical weakness and / or weight loss, which may be the case in advanced cancers, only very short periods of fasting should be used.

It is therefore very important that any holistic or complementary cancer therapy is individually tailored to the individual patient and you follow no set programs.

Therapeutic fasting as an alternative healing method

The currently clinically applied principle of cancer therapy is determined by the removal or destruction of cancer cells. There are three options: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy .

This therapeutic principle has been governing oncology for many decades.

Undoubtedly, the success rates could be improved by the further development of surgical techniques and the improvement of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Nonetheless, the death rate from cancer remains about the same.

This is because some forms of cancer have improved, but many others have had a higher mortality rate.

Two-thirds of cancer patients continue to die of their disease (or the side effects of treatment?), So it’s time to offer those affected alternative treatments such as fasting.

Because one thing is for sure: It is not enough to destroy and remove tumor cells, if the immune system of the organism and last but not least the soul of man are disregarded.


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