How to use Retin – A cream

How to use Retin -A cream

Most of women care for their skin and especially women who are their ages at 30 and over this, they search about how to heal fine lines and wrinkles by an anti aging cream.
Retin – A cream is the solution for many skin problems as mild acne, wrinkles, nodules, cysts, white and black heads.

How does Retin – A cream work?

This medication belong to a group of medications called topical retinoids which are derived from vitamin A, this cream is used topically as it has some side effects but you can skip it by doing some steps. It may take from 8-12 weeks to notice the results.

Retin – A cream uses:

– It helps in healing inflammatory acne.
– It makes the black heads less sticky.
– It makes large pores to be small.
– It clears up the skin.
– It stimulates new skin to grow.
– It helps in removing excess melanin (the protein which gives skin it’s colour) in the case of hyperpigmentation.
– It disappears the fine lines, wrinkles and leave the skin bright and smooth.
– It reduces the growing of skin dead cells on the pores.

How to use Retin – A cream:

– At first you should read the leaflet which associated with the cream package.
– Wash your hand before applying this medication.
– Clean your skin gently with mild or soapless cleanser and dry it.
– Wait for 20-30 minutes before using this medication.
– Apply small amount of cream (pea size) using your fingertips and leave thin layer of the cream over your skin.
– Avoid applying the cream on lips, inside the mouth or nose, wounds, burns, cuts or eczema affected skin.
– Avoid applying the cream to your eyes and if the cream gets into it so you must wash your eyes with large amount of water and if the irritation developed in your eyes you should call your doctor.
– Don’t forget to wash your hands very well so as to avoid getting it on your eyes or your lips.

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Retin-A side effects:

There are some common side effects of the cream:

Dryness and peeling:

In the first weeks of the treatment with the cream, you may notice dryness, peeling and redness of the skin, these effects are improved gradually when the skin is more tolerant with the cream.


During treatment with this medication, your skin is easy exposed to sun burning and damage so avoid exposure to the sun rays, you can apply sun screen cream with SPF or higher than this.


After applying the cream, the skin may turn red, don’t worry about that as the skin will be alright after a while but if this effect increased then you should consult your doctor.

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Some advice while Retin-A cream treatment:

– In general Retin-A cream may cause redness in the beginning of using it, so you can apply it one day till your skin gets better then you can apply it every day, you will notice there is no irritation again.
– If the noticed dryness and peeling is getting worse, so you can apply thin layer of your moisturizer then use Retin A cream over it, this can help.
– Use Retin A cream regularly to get the best results.
– Most of acne treatment creams take few months for healing acne completely so be patient to get great results.
– Retin – A cream combined with benzoyl peroxide to get ride of acne bacteria better than using it alone.
– This cream can combine with vitamin E product to well treat the brown spots of the skin.

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– Avoid eating celery during the treatment by Retin – A cream and also don’t take John’s wort.
Kinds of skin that can be treated by Retin – A cream:
– Skin which turns to gray colour if it is not moisturized.
– Skin affected by sun spot, aging and brown spots after healing acne.
– Skin with little wrinkles compared with skin without wrinkles at all.
– Almost all kinds of skin except sensitive skin.
– Skin which does not affected by exposure to alcohol, essential oils and botanical.
– For the best results, you should use the cream at the same time everyday.
– Don’t apply large amount of the medication as this may increase the risk of redness and peeling so be careful and follow the instructions in the leaflet very well.

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