Map of the body And its importance


Map of the body..New from Google. To the territorial maps, now the search engine adds a map of the human body. Google Body Browser presents a virtual human body in three dimensions. With the navigation tools it is possible to go into layers in the organs it houses. During the navigation you can turn the figure to the desired degrees and go deeper into the anatomy of the human being at will until you get details, with the zum, of a certain bone or organ.

map of the body

To use it, it is not necessary to install any plug-in in the browser, it does not work with Flash. Of course, it requires that the browser supports WebGL, the three-dimensional graphic engine for the web. WebGL is already incorporated in the beta of Chrome 9 and Firefox 4.

map of the body

In the test conducted in the writing, from previous versions, if you go to the site using Chrome offers you the download of the latest beta. Neither in Firefox nor in Internet Explorer the link works.

The search tools resemble those of Google Maps and you can also locate a specific organ in the search window. There is a sample video

The foot reflexology promises to alleviate any ailment through the stimulation of the feet

Can you imagine treating any pathology such as migraines, anxiety, constipation, fertility problems, colic, dizziness or asthma through a relaxing foot massage? That is precisely what reflexology suggests. This therapy is based on the belief that the entire organism is reflected in the more than 7,000 nerve endings of our feet. The head in the big toe, the intestine around the middle of the plant, the genitals in the heel, the lungs in the upper part of the plant …

Manipulating these and other points correctly is stimulated, by reflex, the organ that corresponds to him. In this way, the feet become a kind of ‘remote control’ from which to access any part of the body.

“During a reflexology session small digito-pressures are applied, covering the whole plant, the back, the external and internal borders of both feet”, explains Isabel Pérez Broncano, director of Ranvvai, school of reflexology and natural therapies center (Gaztambide , 21. Madrid). If we massage certain areas, we will be balancing, stimulating and toning different organs and glands of the body, thus returning the state of health to the body.Through massage you can treat any pathology related to the head and trunk

. “It does not matter if we are facing a physiological, psychological, emotional or an energy imbalance”,affirms the therapist. “The feet are a perfect replica of our whole being.” This is because the treatment is carried out taking into account the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine: water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

“Each element represents some psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual associated organs and characteristics,” says Pérez. An example? The metal is related to the lung and the large intestine, and a blockage of that element – which manifests itself through constipation, for example – is a sign that we are facing an attached person who needs to get rid of what he feels united to cleanse your body and that it regains its balance and well-being.This therapy is appropriate for all people and to alleviate any pathology.

“In my case I have treated all types of patients, from babies to help them with infant colic or teething problems to terminal people to whom I have been able to give quality of life,” recalls the therapist. “It is appropriate both as preventive medicine and to treat an existing problem.” The number of sessions required will depend on the ailment that you want to treat.

” With a session it’s enough to know what it relaxes and what you’re going to want to repeat.Now, there are people who come with an acute problem such as sciatica and in a one hour session they will walk away but there are more chronic problems that will require a longer treatment. There are people that I have been dealing with every week for 14 years because they are very clear that they want to do preventive medicine. ” .

Stress is the pathology that drives more people to put themselves in the hands of a reflexologist.

The most immediate effects to a session of reflexology are relaxation, reduction of stress, improvement of circulation as well as stimulation of the immune system.

In addition, many people who have turned their backs on traditional medicine find relief in this therapy.This is the case of Amparo Romagosa, a 37-year-old Madrid teacher who, three years ago, suffered a severe crisis and was unable to get out of bed.

“The doctors did all kinds of tests and sent me home. They said that nothing was happening to me, that I was very healthy. The truth is that I could not even speak, “he recalls. In those difficult times he read everything he could to solve his problem.

“An article about foot reflexology came to my hands, everything I said made sense to me, so I did not hesitate to make an appointment.” After a few sessions with Pérez Broncano they discovered that their problem was energetic. “With reflexology I understood that emotions go much further and that if you know how to manage them, the disease does not exist,” he says.

The mirror of the soulThe map of the human body is not only written on the feet. As with foot reflexology, there is a correlation between the hands and the face with other areas of the body.On the face there are more than 1,200 nerve endings.


The facial reflexology can help improve or cure disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, nervousness, difficulty adapting, hypertension and hypotension, tachycardia, dizziness, headaches, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, respiratory problems and impaired vision, among other.

The starting point is the same as in foot reflexology: there is a correlation between the face and the head with other parts of the body; the same happens with the hands.

These areas are interconnected through the nervous system and, in the Eastern tradition, it is believed that they are also linked through the flow of energy or ‘qì’. If this free flow in the body is interrupted, it is when the physical and psychological disorders originate.

Facial reflexology is useful to treat disorders such as insomnia, anxiety or depression. It also works as an anti-aging treatment: it improves the appearance and relaxes the features

To locate them, there is also a map of facial reflexology: in the chin area, for example, the hormonal system is reflected. “Through digit-pressure we can help rebalance hormonal problems, relieve irregular or painful menstruations and treat fertility problems,” explains the therapist.

Very dark rings are a symptom of a decrease in the vital energy of the person and a kidney problem, while much of the forehead is linked to the small intestine.

In addition, facial reflexology is a powerful anti-aging treatment: it improves the appearance of the face, increases luminosity and relaxes the features.The same happens with the hands, the neck is seen in the middle phalanx of the little finger, while by stimulating certain points of the palms we can alleviate ailments in the colon, lungs, thyroid gland or intestine.

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