Metformin for irregular periods Let’s know it


Metformin for irregular periods.. In general, young women with PCOS have elevated insulin levels and are more likely to develop diabetes. Metformin is a medication that is usually prescribed to women with PCOS to help them prevent diabetes. A lifestyle that includes healthy eating and daily exercise is the most important part of a treatment plan for PCOS.

metformin for irregular periods

What is insulin?

Insulin is a hormone produced by an organ of the human body called the pancreas. The food you eat is transformed into simple sugar (glucose) during digestion.

After having eaten, the glucose is absorbed by the blood. Insulin acts as a key that opens the door to glucose so that it enters the cells of the body and is used as energy. If the body does not have enough insulin or if the body is unable to use insulin, blood sugar levels increase.

metformin for irregular periods.

What is insulin resistance?

If your body is insulin resistant, this means that you need high insulin levels to maintain a normal level of blood sugar. Some medical conditions such as being overweight or having PCOS may produce insulin resistance. Insulin resistance tends to be hereditary.

What can insulin resistance cause me?

High levels of insulin can cause thinning and darkening of the skin (acanthosis nigricans) in the back of the neck, armpit (under the arms), and in the inguinal area. In young women with PCOS, high levels of insulin can cause the ovaries to produce more androgen hormones. This can cause an increase in the amount of body hair, acne and irregular or sparse periods. Having insulin resistance can increase your risk of developing diabetes.

How can I decrease my insulin levels?

You can lower your insulin levels naturally by consuming fewer starches and sugars, and much more foods that are high in fiber and low in sugar and refined carbohydrates (such as white flour).

These foods are called “low glycemic index foods” because they do not increase sugar or insulin levels in your blood like foods that are high in sugar or refined carbohydrates. Doing exercises is another way to improve your PCOS.

It is recommended to do a daily 60 minute exercise routine, but any exercise time will help you control your PCOS. The exercises decrease insulin resistance.

What else could lower my insulin levels?

Metformin (also known as Glucophage®) helps regulate the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. This makes your body more sensitive to insulin and decreases the amount of sugar released by your liver.

Young women who take Metformin are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Research studies have shown that young women with PCOS, who are overweight, who are treated with Metformin and lead a healthy lifestyle (healthy nutrition and exercise) were able to lose weight and decrease their level of fasting blood sugar content.

Metformin and having a healthy weight also helps improve cholesterol levels. Metformin has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of SOPQ,

How do I take Metformin?

Metformin is available as a pill or liquid. It is usually taken 2-3 times a day with the main meals (usually breakfast or dinner). Your doctor will recommend you start with a low dose and then slowly increase it in the following months- “start with a low dose, move slowly.

” Your health care provider may prescribe Metformin XR- once a day for long-acting prolonged action). It is important that you take this medicine exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Do not split or cut, chew or crush the pills. Make sure you swallow the pill (s) completely.

How do I store Metformin?

Keep your Metformin tightly closed in the same bottle that contains them. Do not remove the label from the bottle. Store it at room temperature away from high temperatures and any humidity. Do not store Metformin in the bathroom. Make sure you keep your medication out of the reach of children.

Are there some reasons not to take Metformin?

People who have liver or kidney problems should not take Metformin. Your health provider will check your blood to make sure you do not have problems with your blood, kidney, or liver before you start taking Metformin and then once a year.

If you feel sick with vomiting or diarrhea (fluid stools), call your doctor and stop taking Metformin until you feel completely well. It is very important not to become dehydrated (not having enough fluids in your body) while you are taking Metformin.

Also, if you are going to have surgery or a medical or dental procedure in which you do not have to eat or drink anything, talk to your doctor about stopping Metformin 48 hours (before the procedure). If you have been cited for an X-ray test that includes the ingestion of a “contrast material”

(a dye that helps the radiologist better visualize the images), you should talk to your healthcare provider about stopping the pills until 48 hours before and after the exam. Dehydration or having problems with the kidney or a serious infection can cause the rare condition called “lactic acidosis” so it is important to talk with your doctor about any

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