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Natural therapy..One of the problems that today’s society is experiencing is stress. We live under a social structure that forces us to keep pace with our real needs.

natural therapy

If we ask anyone will say that to live is necessary to work and, you are right, but, on the other hand, will not say that to live is necessary to have health, love, have hope, desire to exist, self-esteem and a special knowledge of oneself , which is who we spend more hours with each day. The body talks to us and gives us clues.

natural therapy.

The accelerated pace we carry, full of obligations, leads us to be afraid of losing what we have achieved. And worries flood the mind and exhaust the body. This one needs the senses and a logic and impulses produced by a chemistry that exists and that is the fruit of some organs that metabolize what we ingest.

One thing that I have experienced and learned every day in my work is that people are what we do, eat, feel and think.

One of the reactions of our body is the ability to overcome and willpower. For example, we all know that if we do not do sports the body is oxidized and fattened, especially if we eat what is not convenient. And if we do not sleep the necessary hours, the mind is not clear and can not make wise decisions.

We also know that excesses are a source of diseases, and also the lack of information intervenes, for example, in many bodily problems, such as postural hygiene or the correct products that must be ingested at the correct times. Did you know that if one eats “bread and derivatives” flours, cheeses, milk, eggs, etc., after six in the afternoon the body metabolizes them in fat or sugar and can not properly eliminate these products?

I am fascinated by the human body! I have been working and treating the body for years and each time it surprises me more. It is an eternal learning.

Did you know that sports are as healthy as bad? The body secretes adrenaline and endorphins, which are natural drugs of the human body, more powerful than any other drug. Some give you energy, desire to do things, joy …

and endorphins mitigate pain and fatigue in the face of exhaustion; They are also free. But the human being does not understand intermediate points, and both the adrenaline and endorphins, if they secrete excess, lead to an excessive increase in activity. For example, if you want to do more and more sport you can generate almost an addiction.

I dedicate myself to natural, holistic medicine, which includes body, mind and spirit. For me these three things go together, since the body alone would be nothing. It is the whole of the wonderful miracle of birth. The body is also millions of cells that are undoubtedly the largest receptors that react according to the information received.

There are different elements that influence the health of the body: get up early and have breakfast sitting, eat oatmeal with banana or yogurt, an infusion or orange juice … This would be a way to start the day right; then go to work with positive expectations that the day will go well, that we can live it thoroughly … and the body benefits.

According to how we fit things, live and generate a physical well-being or not, we generate diseases according to the genetic information we carry or according to how we live. Our body will react well and will have better aging.

What I think is good and I consider very important is to listen to one’s own body, respect the times, express what the person needs to transmit and be true to oneself. In this way the body, mind and spirit will also advance and make life more enjoyable.

Within the universe of pseudoscience and pseudotherapies – or “alternative medicine”, as its practitioners prefer to call these theories – homeopathy continues to be the dominant variant.

Among homeopaths it is easy to find different schools and variants, each one more striking, but it is almost impossible to talk about it without stopping at the Bach Flowers .

As its name suggests, this “natural therapy” bases its presumed healing potential on essences or preparations of certain types of mature flowers , by means of which liquids capable of counteracting practically any evil are elaborated. However, the scientific evidence and rigor around this branch of homeopathy stands out for its absence.

According to its creator, the homeopath Edward Bach -nothing to do with the great composer Johann Sebastian Bach – the Bach Flowers would be able to solve “psycho – emotional disorders” , such as the fear , the confusion or anger . And from there, Bach reasoned, these essences could help prevent various physical or mental ailments.

Unlike other gurus, Edward Bach did graduate in Medicine and Surgery with a specialization in pathology and bacteriology , although he later turned his career towards homeopathy. Between 1928 and 1932 he elaborated up to 12 types of flower essences , initially called “healers”. The original collection increased to 19 and shortly after, in 1935, 19 more remedies were added, adding a total of 38 different infusions .

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According to a review published in the Professional Pharmacy in 2008, Dr. Bach commented that already “in the early days of history, plants have been used to develop healing remedies.” While this statement is true, Bach remedies do not have any active substance .

To produce the Bach flowers, according to its creator, there are two methods: the sun exposure or decoction / boil . Although there are plants that contain pharmacologically active substances, the essences of flowers used by Bach are not the case, nor do they follow the typical preparation method of homeopathic products.

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