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My name is Claudia, I am 27 years old, happily married for 2 years and my diagnosis is Cancer. 

But from the beginning … 

In November 2006, my doctor diagnosed a uterine infection and treated it with antibiotics. Apparently everything was alright back then. 

In April 2007, during the routine check-up, a 7cm cyst was diagnosed and my doctor advised me to have it removed. So I’m in the hospital. During surgery, the operating physicians found that the supposed cyst on the ultrasound image is the heavily thickened right fallopian tube. The uterine infection had instead of healing on the right oviduct and ovary shifted. Again, I was treated with antibiotics and again the inflammation seemed to heal easily. Blood levels were okay and I had no complaints. 

On July 30, 2007, I got pain in the abdomen and groin area. This pain quickly became stronger so that my husband had to take me to the hospital at 3 in the morning. After several examinations such as x-rays, ultrasound and several CTs, the doctors still did not know what was going on. All they knew was that the levels of inflammation in the blood were critical and there was a low fluid in the abdominal area that would not be worth mentioning under normal circumstances. So I was operated again. It was found that an abscess had formed on the right fallopian tube. This had now burst after months of growing and the pus had spread throughout the abdomen and the entire abdominal cavity was severely inflamed. This process, too, could be traced back to the previously diagnosed inflammation. This time you played it safe and I got 3 different antibiotics. However, this time not as tablets but 10 days over infusion plus 5 days tablets. At the follow-up a further operation was decided to take more samples and to remove the inflammation (right ovary and fallopian tubes) if it still has not healed. 

On 2 November 2007, it started. Unfortunately, I woke up from this surgery with bad news. It was found ovarian cancer, which had already affected all organs and the peritoneum. In this surgery, they then just removed the metastases to prevent further spread and a new surgery appointment was set up to clean up the rest together with specialists. 

A week later, I was back on the operating table and it was all removed. Ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, large mesh, cecum and lymph nodes. All organs were already completely baked together and could only be removed as a big chunks. 

The histology has shown that all organs were affected but the lymph nodes are free. On 7.12 I have the first appointment in oncology where my chemo is discussed. 

So much for me and my story. But how is it going now? 

It is strange. Somehow I feel the need to tell everything. I do not want to keep anything secret. So far, the reactions have been consistently positive. Nevertheless, I feel very lonely. I do not want to be a burden to my husband. I know I can rely on him. But can one do something to a person? And it starts already. My stomach is so attacked by all the antibiotics that I have to vomit all the time now. What should be then only with the chemo? In addition come the menopause. I have hot flashes all the time and am exhausted. But the second could just as well be due to the blood loss of the operating room. I left 4 kilos on the operating table. Now I weigh 50kg and that is certainly not conducive. 

But even with my psyche I am completely in the impure. For me children were always the most important. But somehow it never worked. There was always the right man missing. Now that there is time for a family, something like that is coming. Nevertheless, I have the feeling that I am getting along. I can talk about it without crying. I will never have children. And count the positive aspects over and over again. Life is worth living even without children. But do I really believe that or have not realized it yet. Am I so eager ?! I do not feel different. Okay exhausted and powerless because of the surgery. But my sense of self is not different from before. My stomach is now empty. Would not one have to feel different ?! I can not really put into words what’s going on in my head at the moment. 

What scares me the most is my partnership and sexuality. I still have to wait 3 weeks because of the healing. But what is it ?! Will that change ?! Will I still have fun with my husband ?! Will I be able to make my husband happy ?! Will I be able to hold him ?! Yes, now sex is not everything. But I think sexuality is a very important factor in a relationship. My husband loves me and worries. He is a caring guide and supports me. But how quickly can that love and devotion turn into compassion. How fast can it be that he only feels like a burden to me. A burden that restricts him in the things that we both used to love together. Like our snake-breeding for example. At the moment I just do not have the strength to help him. But the animals still want to be cared for. They can not help that I am sick. 

Maybe I’m more desperate than I want to admit to myself … 

Gruss Claudia

Ovarian cancer stories 

Hello Claudia

First of all, a hearty Knuddler of me! I think it’s good that you write about your worries and fears. I hope you get to know someone who is similar and you can swap your worries. Unfortunately, I can not help you at the moment, except that I can agree that you can write to me by PM. Or come in the evening in the chat. 

I think you’re making too many future thoughts right now. But this is normal, but try once to think now, what tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or in a year can be, about that you can then if it is still even break his head. Now you need your energy for now to get ready at Chemo! As I understand it, you are in the mom. good except vomiting. Enjoy this, even with your husband, even if you are not allowed to do anything sexually, but you can also be affectionate without having sex. Create power for the chemo you will need. 

All the best and good luck and get in touch again! 

Ovarian cancer stories 

I’m sorry to read that others are just like me. I’m so sorry … 
I hope I can give you a bit of courage with my story and I’ll be happy to answer all your questions if you have any questions. 

my story : 
i have been living here in switzerland since february, at the beginning of may a 3 kilo tumor was discovered. Since she could not see from where the grows, a CT was made. the first thermin was canceled because on the same day the device went defective. again a thermin and drink the ugly liquid. 
He grew on the left ovary. 
the thermin for the op stood firm. 3 days before I got a pain. But since I knew that I would soon be operated on, I did not go to the doctor. that was bad. the tumor broke. 
that I could walk at all was a miracle for the doctors. 
after the op wait until the pathology says, it gign about a week. 
The tumors inside had hundreds of tumors and some of them were malignant. 
what to do was the next step. 
after a long time I decided to go for the second step, second op with the same as you. right ovary, uterus etc … 
I went to the hospital with the period and without waking up again. 
I immediately had the menopausal symptoms at night. 
I know how you feel. it’s so exhausting everything. 
sweat one pulls on itself, by the moment one freezes again …. 

to gück but everything they have distanced were benign and no evil more available. 
I also had to do a chemo on that. 
I was very afraid of the chemo, because I’m alone here and have no help looking around me. 
but I did it. and was under the care of his father in germany all the time. 
the chemo runs like this. you will probably get taxol and capoplatin as chemo agents. 
There are several side effects for this. a little tip look under wikipedia. there are a lot of them in the middle. 
I can only tell you how I had you in time. 
my joints hurt, i knew from what the ärtzin meant with * they feel like an old woman * 
had after the first infusion excess but the whole time no vomit. 
After 13 days, my hair fell out in tufts, when I noticed my best friend had shaved my hair. I found it better to wake up in the morning and see the hair on my pillow. 
we get tableted against the excess, but it makes us constipated. which is very painful. if there is no other way to take medication. 
but otherwise plum or magnesium drink, helps a lot !!! 

I was also the only dream taken. no more children to get. 
if you have questions, or if you want to have someone to talk to, contact me. 
I’m there. For both of us, I only wish the best and the best. 
you have your husband, he will be there for you. 
 what should I wish you? no idea …. only the entire power in you love greetings tanja


  Ovarian cancer stories 

Hello dear Claudia 

By chance, I came across your story today – and by chance I even came to this forum page today … but actually there are no coincidences, but additions. 

I am very sorry for what you are going through right now and I understand you very well, feel with you and send you a lot of strength, confidence and hope. 

I also have a pretty intense ovarian cancer marathon behind me – and especially in front of me, since I am already medically written off – but I hope to gain time with chemotherapy and especially to keep the side effects in check. Hope no doctor has been able to do me, but that did not shock me, because I have found in addition to the medical treatments, an additional way that actually gives me all the hope and gives me the power to continue my life and a recovery to believe and, above all, to work hard on it … I know today that it is important and good for me that I also take on my own initiative for my life and for my recovery. 

I will briefly tell you my story, it may also give you strength to believe in you and to find your way. What is good for me, can / does not have to be so for someone else, but maybe it gives you a suggestion to go on your journey of discovery: 

I am today 43 years old, was until 2004 physically healthy and robust as a horse ( that means I’m still overly fit and healthy today for the current diagnosis …. yes, I can not call myself healthy otherwise … I just have cancer in my body at the moment, my mind is so vital that it’s me the cancer is not dominated). 

In January 2004, monstrously large benign fibroids had to be removed from the uterus (but receiving the uterus), and detailed research revealed no evidence of cancer. In July 2006, I first had complaints, out of the blue … an investigation showed that I had already a so far advanced ovarian cancer, that you had to start an OP immediately. Two 10 cm tumors on both ovaries, throughout the abdomen metastases up to the liver. It was the large abdominal mesh, ovaries, uterus, the bladder, about 5-7 cm rectum removed. Even in hospital, a chemo with paraplatin and taxol had to be initiated, for 6 months – a hammer treatment, I feel with you. I reacted very well to the treatment, after 6 months, By January 07 my tumor marker was back in the norm (CA125 at 22) and I was happy. In June, a recurrence was diagnosed. And the whole thing has opened me then a lot of new doors … but by a roundabout … but that makes hiking sometimes more experiential … 

After I was pushed by two well-known doctors (a professor from Zurich and a doctor of the university BS) after the recurrence diagnosis simply on the waiting bench with the diagnosis, at the moment one can do nothing, one must first wait three months in order to Watching if growth really does prove, it turned out in the fall that this was a fatal flaw with devastating consequences, because during that time, the cancer spread so much that I can no longer operate on it, although I do not In the beginning would have preferred to do an OP than a chemo. I have now on 9.11. started with a chemo and is very positive about this treatment. 

But what I have started since the relapse and gives me tremendous strength and energy for the future is my own path, which I have taken next to the medical treatment. For what I missed next was all the other topics that have bothered me and plagued me – and I received from any physician sufficient support. But I just did not give up, did a lot of research myself, talked to friends and collected so much information. I started Simonton therapy in August and did the patient seminar in October. Since then my mental power is steadily uphill – but without me fading out the other … of course I could die, but I can also get well again. And I can only nurture this hope in myself … and this food strengthens my body and mind. Go on a noncommittal tour on this site … you have nothing to lose, maybe you are open to a complementary treatment – and that can be combined great with the chemo and other medical interventions.  . Incidentally, I also read an enormous number of books on the subject of self-healing (or the activation of self-healing and strengthening powers in the body). If you are interested I am happy to share some very exciting book tips with you. 

I would also like to give you a little confidence and strength regarding your insecurity regarding sexuality in the relationship. I have been and have been without a partner for a long time and I had a lot of stress and fear that I would never be able to feel like a woman anymore after I went through all this … and here I had to help myself and find out for myself. But I can assure you and reassure you – a lot is changing – but for me it was only positive in terms of sexuality. Although my instinctuality has changed, but not the intensity and desire for sexuality. On the contrary, I feel myself and my perception of sexuality much deeper and more intense – and I have developed another, more positive female perception. I was also terrified that sexual intercourse would never work without gliding cream – which was not the case. I fell in love with me in the summer and my experiences with this man were very nice, but unfortunately he got it through my relapse with the fear … but that does not change the fact that I have a very nice and fulfilling intimate, sexual experience was allowed to experience. 

Give yourself and your body time and faith to feel well and well again in you … 

I have my second chemo this afternoon … I send you a lot of strength and confidence – and courage, to you, your way and to believe your life. 

Sincerely …. moonlight

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