oversleeping headache And its causes and treatment


oversleeping headache، Many people suffer from this unpleasant pain usually, although not all of them manage to know what originates it and what their patterns of appearance are.

However, identifying the type of headache that is suffered is very useful to take measures in this regard. The following information will help you achieve it.

oversleeping headache



Understand your headache and solve it
To know what causes the appearance of headaches is essential to analyze how your head hurts and if the discomfort is triggered by a particular circumstance. That will help you know which strategy is best to smooth the discomfort or even prevent it.

1. The problem may be the body itself

For example, forcing the eyes for a long time or wearing poorly graduated glasses can cause a headache, and the same happens with nasal congestion caused by inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis). Even allergies to certain substances can trigger this symptom.

2. Do you drink enough water?

The body responds to dehydration by secreting hormones called histamines that can cause headaches. To avoid it, it is essential to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day .

3. Sometimes, the origin is what surrounds you

There are things in the environment that “activate” the headaches. For example, smoke, some chemicals that give off strong odors or even perfumes and air fresheners . See if it happens to you when you expose yourself to it and avoid it.

4. Does it happen more depending on the time you spend?

Although the reason for this remains a mystery to science, experts say that tension headaches are more frequent on very hot or windy days .

5. Medications in excess can be the cause

If it hurts more than 15 days a month for 3 months in a row, you may suffer a chronic headache caused by an analgesic abuse.

Taking drugs too long may end up having no effect

And it is that taking them can help to control certain problems, but their excessive use presents the risk of a rebound effect ; the pain leads back to the use of the drug and enters a vicious circle.

6. Do you force your position?

Walking with stooped posture, holding the phone with your head, sitting badly in the chair … Bad postures force the musculature of the neck and scalp and that tension facilitates the appearance of headache.

7. Do you clench your teeth when sleeping?

10% of the population suffers from headaches because it clenches the jaw when sleeping, it is called bruxism . This unconscious act also tenses the muscles of the head. Many times it is solved using a discharge splint that the dentist makes “made to measure”.

8. Certain foods and drinks accentuate it

Chocolate, cured cheese, sausages, coffee, soy sauces, sugary or alcoholic drinks … Try to reduce your consumption and bet on meals without chemical additives.


Understanding the causes of the discomfort is basic to remedy it. Below you can find the characteristics of the main types of headache:

1. Tension headache

If you suffer a headache when entering a state of anxiety, surely it is the so-called tension headache, suffered by up to 70% of the population and especially women.

What if your headache is for food?

This type of headache is related to stress , which causes an increase in tension in the muscles of the shoulders, neck and scalp, and ends up generating pain. It is usually perceived as a tightness that affects both sides of the head at the same time or that is concentrated in the neck or forehead.

2. Migraine

If you have nausea and vomiting, in addition to a very intense headache and notes as if you suffer intermittent “punctures”, it can be a migraine.

You can also perceive a kind of flashes that invade your visual field or that, sometimes, you have some difficulties to talk, and that noise and light bother you; in this case, you suffer a type of migraine with “aura”.

Inflammation of the nerves and blood vessels could cause migraine

The auras are symptoms that normally appear as a foretaste of the headache produced by the migraine and that disappear after a while. The cause of migraine is little known but is thought to be related to inflammation of the nerves and blood vessels of the head.

If the pain is becoming more severe or interferes with your activity, you can take an analgesic (aspirin, paracetamol) or an anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) to relieve it, as long as there is no medical contraindication.

And if you do not want to resort to drugs, techniques such as yoga, meditation or relaxation therapies can be of great help, as well as some herbal preparations (feverfew, chamomile or chamomile).

3. In clusters

The discomfort is intense and the notes especially in one of the eyes. Then you may suffer a type of headache known as cluster headache or outbreaks. It is a debilitating pain that incapacitates the sufferer.

It is typical that the focus of the pain is near one of the eyes or one temple and that it is also accompanied by redness, tearing and nasal congestion.

How to do a self-massage against headache

The attacks usually occur in the form of an outbreak every year , which in some cases lasts for several weeks and then remits to the following year. The discomfort may last approximately 15 to 45 minutes and be repeated several times for a few hours.

Another characteristic of this type of headache is that buds often follow a certain pattern . For example, they always show up when they wake up in the morning or before going to bed.
As for the way to combat this headache, a treatment consists of injecting botulinum toxin in several points of the neck and forehead. The beneficial effect appears in a few days and is maintained for three months, when the application must be repeated. It does not always work but it is an option for some affected.


The statistics suggest that half of adults suffer some type of headache on a regular basis. The most common is tension (which is mild) and the second most suffered is migraine, which is characterized by being very intense and disabling.

The problem is that not all people receive the right treatment to alleviate them, since most people resign themselves to suffer them without even taking measures to solve it.

Tension headache is the most frequent, although it does not produce much pain

It is important not to underestimate headaches, as they put your health in check and, even if you do not notice it, they make you more sensitive to frustration and affect your mood .

So, whatever type of headache you suffer, this can have an impact on your quality of life. So much so that headaches are ranked 19th in the list of disabling diseases developed by the World Health Organization.

That the fact that they are frequent does not make you lose sight of the fact that, although it is difficult for them to disappear altogether, much can be done to make them more bearable.

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