Physical activity vs.exercise Let’s know


Physical activity vs.exercise ..In general, there are many doubts between what is a simple physical activity, and a good physical exercise. Using the definition of some authors, we will have a clear idea that it is everything, although there are many more definitions about it. According to the authors, (Caspersen, Powell and Christenson, 1985)

physical activity vs.exercise

Physical Activity : From a physiological perspective, any body movement produced by the skeletal muscles that result in an energetic expenditure

Examples: Work, sit, stand, walk, play a musical instrument, dance, clean

physical activity vs.exercise

Physical Exercise: Physical activity is planned, structured, repetitive and directed with the aim of improving or maintaining one or more of the components of physical fitness.

Examples: Resistance, Strength, Speed, Flexibility.

Physical fitness is a set of attributes that people have or achieve, in which daily tasks are developed without excessive fatigue and with enough energy to enjoy free time and face unforeseen needs. Taking into account these differences, we can at first glance realize that it happens in one and in another and at the same time be able to relate them.

The goal of physical exercise is to achieve realistic goals to achieve a healthy body and a healthy life.

Differences between physical activity and physical exercises

We do not necessarily have to go to a gym. Lately RUNNING has become fashionable, which is a sport that is gaining more and more followers. It is an easy sport to practice, but it requires some prior knowledge and not only is it enough to buy some shoes and run. In next posts we will begin to comment on very important details for this discipline

When doing physical exercise we obtain many benefits on the organism at the level, bone, muscles, tendons, at the respiratory level, at the circulatory level, etc …

All exercises must be carried out under the supervision of a PROFESSIONAL, professionally appointed to those with a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, do not trust any gym trainer or former athlete, not everyone has enough knowledge to improve their health . It does not cost anything to ask if they are really licensed or on the contrary have obtained a title of Personal Trainer in a weekend.

There are people who excuse themselves from not going to the gym because their jobs keep them moving from one place to another. According to them, they run all day and with that exercise is more than enough.

It is important to clarify that to achieve the greatest amount of well-being for health, it requires distraction and lack of stress, in addition to understanding the difference between physical activity and exercise .

Doing the toilet, gardening, climbing stairs and washing the car, among others, are all physical activities. These are defined as any bodily movement produced by the muscles that result in the expenditure of energy.

Instead, exercise is planned physical activity with the aim of improving or maintaining one or several components of physical fitness, which is a set of attributes that allow you to develop different activities without excessive fatigue and with enough energy to enjoy them. For example, swimming, riding a bicycle, running or fast walks, among others.

Dr. Gonzalo Fernández, an athlete of the Pro Sport Program of Clínica Alemana , explains that although it is true that physical activity is favorable for maintaining good health, exercise has more advantages, since it is usually of greater intensity and frequency, so that high impact benefits are obtained.

It is recommended to perform at least 30 minutes of exercises 3 times a week, as this helps to reduce certain types of cancer and prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. In addition, it improves the mental health of those who practice it.

While there is no better time of day to play sports, morning is recommended, since at midday or during the afternoon there are more distractions and commitments that can be an impediment or “excuse” for not practicing the physical routine.

The important thing is to consider that it takes a while, that is, to make a space in daily life that allows consistency in sports practice and thus achieve the expected benefits.

Doing household chores, going shopping or walking are everyday actions that have nothing to do with exercises such as running or cycling, which are planned and of greater intensity, and that seek to maintain or improve physical condition.

The next step is sport, which can be practiced as fun or with the aim of competing and, in any case, training is essential. Physical activity, exercise and sports are good nutrition and exercise regularly are two essential healthy habits to enjoy a good quality of life.

Now, walking is not the same as hiking and, even less, running a marathon. The intensity, frequency and time three terms that can be confused , but have nothing to do with it. Let us know, therefore, their differentiating characteristics and the benefits they bring.

in which they are carried out determine, among other aspects, whether we are practicing physical activity, physical exercise or sport.

Physical activity
It is about any body movementthat implies the active participation of the muscles and results in an energy expenditure above the basal metabolism, which is the energy that the body needs to perform the basic functions. They are free and innate actions such as sitting, getting up, walking, doing household chores, going shopping, grooming, taking the dog for a walk, dancing, climbing stairs, etc.

Unfortunately, if you only perform any of these activities on a daily basis, you are inactive and even sedentary. To be fit, you must choose other activities that increase the intensity and frequency of the exercise.

Physical exercise moderate intensity
It encompasses those activities that work with one , but without excessive fatigue, and its objective is to improve physical abilities. For physical activity to be considered a physical exercise, it must be:

1. Planned. Before deciding which exercise we are going to start practicing, we must think about what we want to achieve: weights or squats to increase strength and power; yoga, pilates or tai chi to improve balance and coordination; sit-ups and stretches to increase flexibility, or aerobic exercises, such as running or swimming, to enhance cardiovascular endurance. All of them will help us to be in shape, increase muscle mass and decrease the percentage of fat in our body.

2. Structured: periodic and repetitive.Running once a month is not considered physical exercise and, in addition, it is harmful because we expose ourselves to a punctual effort without previous training. Our body needs a routine that is repeated periodically to achieve the proposed objectives with health and safety.

According to the last National Health Survey 2009-2010, sedentary is defined as the person who performs less than 150 minutes of physical activity of moderate intensity or less than 60 minutes of activity of vigorous intensity accumulated during the week, both at work , home, transportation and free time. Considering this, 88.6% of Chileans are sedentary.

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