Sharp pain in back of head


Some people sometimes feel pain behind the head caused by a headache caused by tension, which causes the feeling of mild pain or pressure on the forehead or behind the head and neck. 

This type of headache spread among adults, so we know in the next lines, the most important information about the pain behind the head.  


What is the pain of the head from behind? 

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It is a pain in the head that may extend to the scalp and neck, which is often not a serious illness, but it causes discomfort, anxiety to the person who is infected, and prevents him from doing his daily work properly. 


Headaches may affect different places of the head from the front or from the side,  Or from the back, we will talk about the causes of headaches from the back, and types of headaches. 

Causes of headaches in the back of head. 

– The position of the head is uncomfortable and wrong during  to sleep. 

– Eat lots of sweet foods that cause headaches from the back: chocolate, , and this may be a sign of high blood sugar.

– Sinusitis, and feeling of back pain is normal due to flu and running. 

– Strong crying: Continuous crying causes severe pain in the head, and to  get rid of this pain is recommended for warm bathing, rest for a certain period.

– Sun: Exposure to incandescent sun for long time causes severe headaches in the head from behind.  

– Teeth: Injury to tooth decay, , leads to severe headaches in the head.

–  Sinus: Sinusitis causes a semicircle, a headache in the back of the head, and a sinus symptom of pain on the forehead, nose, and eyes. The pain may extend to the teeth, and the pain increases at the lower extremity.

– Exposure to nervous and psychological stress,  Anxiety and tension. 

Types of headaches

– Tension headaches: The most common type of headache, where the person feels constant pain in the head, and treatment lies in the use of painkillers such as aspirin, and massage the muscles of the head and neck.

– Sinus headaches: This headache occurs as a result of sinus infections, or respiratory diseases, and you should visit your doctor to prescribe appropriate antibiotics to treat this headache.

– Migraine: This headache causes severe pain followed by nausea, and this headache hinders the person from performing normal daily activities.

– Cluster headaches: These can cause intense pain, often around one eye. They usually happen around a particular time of year, possibly over a period of 1 to 2 months.

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In the case of head pain, accompanied by some symptoms that vary in strength from one person to another, and these are the most visible symptoms among people. 

– Pain when touching the scalp, Pain when moving neck,and Pain behind the eyes. 

 – Sensitivity to light: You feel pain in the presence of light directed at you and can not withstand this light.

– Neck diseases: It is normal to be affected by the neck when there are problems, such as neck tumor, these problems will cause pain in the neck.

 Headache Prevention

 Get enough sleep and take care to eat healthy foods and follow a useful diet.    

Avoid sitting  for long time either in front of the computer or at work. 

 Leave smoking because of its harmful to health, body and headaches.

Relaxation is very good at relieving tension and pain in Muscles of the neck and head. 

Avoid what causes tension, anxiety and anger, which adversely affects the systems of the muscle in the head and causes constriction and thus produce pain, so the person must reduce the pressures of Life. 

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Headache Treatment

When it comes to headache remedies, medications can ease your pain, but they aren’t the only option,  also Avoid mental stress helps to treat headaches. 

These things may relieve you from getting headaches:

_Take some medicines: This medicine is according to the cause of pain, it can be to calm the tension, or treatment of infections that cause head pain from the back.

 – Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others), acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) and aspirin. 

– Rest  in a quiet, dark room.

– Massage the scalp with natural oils such as:

Peppermint Oil: This oil is used to relieve headache pain. It removes stress and tension ; it tightens blood vessels, leading to blood flow to the head, and alleviation of sinus headaches. 

Lavender oil: one of the strongest oils used to relieve headache pain; because of its strong smell, and can be used as a topical on the head. 

When to resort to a doctor

Go to the doctor when the pain is severe or if there is pain in the neck and head as a result of injury or if you have severe stiffness in the neck. 




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