stomach ulcers during pregnancy And its symptoms and treatment methods


stomach ulcers during pregnancy، Pregnancy can complicate certain problems such as gastric or peptic ulcer and conditions of the gallbladder or ulcerative colitis due to the gastrointestinal disorders that often accompany it and that can confuse the diagnosis; however, you should know that these complications have little or no effect on pregnancy.

What is stomach ulcers during pregnancy

Gastric ulcer is the only condition that improves in this period, because the concentration of stomach acid decreases. In general, women with ulcerative colitis are advised to avoid pregnancy until their disease has been controlled for at least two years. Since the psychological reaction of women to pregnancy is what affects the intestine, colitis can improve or worsen during pregnancy.

When acute appendicitis occurs in pregnancy, it easily becomes confused with other gastrointestinal disorders, which is why the lives of many women are at risk, either because they ignored the symptoms or because the diagnosis was wrong. If you are in this case, you should immediately resort to surgery, regardless of the stage of pregnancy or the risk to the fetus.

What are the symptoms of ulcers?

Stomach ulcers during Pregnancy means nausea and vomiting. But have you experienced a burning sensation in your stomach during these times? If so, is the answer to your question, then you may want to visit the doctor, as you might be suffering from the peptic ulcer disease that is common during pregnancy. A stomach ulcer can be scientifically defined as when the mucous lining of the stomach wall erodes.

This erosion affects stomach acids and damages the walls of the stomach. Stomach ulcer in pregnancy is very common. Causes: The real cause of stomach ulcers is not yet known to scientists. An ulcer occurs however due to an imbalance of certain digestive juices in the stomach and duodenum.

Also ulcer may occur as a result of some bacterial infection. Video: Symptoms of alarm during pregnancy 1st part Among the various recognizable symptoms of stomach ulcer some of them may be: Nausea and vomiting heartburn Bleeding distension stools dark or black with odor Pain in the abdomen drastic weight loss However, the question remains how to diagnose stomach ulceration during pregnancy can be done through upper digestive endoscopy.

This term is used for stomach ulcer diagnosis.But the disadvantages of this method implies that ulcer detection by this method can be performed only when the symptoms indicated above are severe.

Treatment of stomach ulcers during pregnancy:

The most recommended method of stomach ulcer treatment is by antacids.Antacids have been proven medically effective in treating ulcers and are readily available in these antacid pharmaceuticals.However contains bicarbonate which are usually not preferable to be consumed during pregnancy, Since they are harmful to both mother and fetus and therefore these bicarbonates are not usually suggested by doctors.

Hence doctors on a global scale prescribes antacids that contain magnesium, aluminum or calcium in smaller amounts rather than extra precaution, so that fetus`s health is not interfered with. There is more than one way to avoid stomach ulcer during Pregnancy. Some of the most important are:

1. Avoid harmful foods:

Having secured a healthy diet and it is very important, especially since it is now feeding two.If you have ulcer during pregnancy you should avoid foods that aggravates the disorder here are some of the foods you should avoid if you are a victim of stomach ulcer.

2. Avoid alcohol:

Alcohol can really harm the fetus and therefore it is detrimental to your baby’s growth. Especially alcohol should be avoided when you are suffering from ulcer diseases as it will further deteriorate your digestive system.

3. Take medications:

Some medications have a reverse effect on pregnant women and rather harm them than helping them. If you have peptic ulcer disease, then you should avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs, as they have known side effects in pregnant women.

4. Say no to smokers:

Smoking is harmful to the lungs and not to mention your growing fetus. And now that you are confirmed that you are suffering from peptic ulcer disease you should stop smoking, as it could lead to some unwanted complications and could also harm your baby.

I hope that this article will clear up all doubts about stomach pregnancy.Now ulcer that you know you are suffering from ulcer should consult your nearest doctor immediately to clear up any further doubts you may have.

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