tension headache massage And what its benefits are


tension headache massage، A tension headache occurs when the muscles of the neck and scalp become tight or contract. Muscle contractions can be a response to stress, depression, head trauma or anxiety.

tension headache massage

When you have a tension headache

Hot or cold showers or baths can relieve a headache for some people. You may also want to rest in a quiet room with a cold cloth on your head.

Gently massaging the muscles of your head and neck can provide relief.

If the headaches are due to stress or anxiety, you may need to learn ways to relax.

Over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), ibuprofen, or paracetamol can relieve pain. If you are going to participate in an activity that is known to trigger a headache, taking an analgesic beforehand can help.

Follow the instructions of your health care provider about how to take the medications. Rebound headaches are headaches that continue to reappear. They can occur due to the excessive use of analgesics. If you take painkillers more than 3 days a week on a regular basis, you may have this type of headache.

Keep in mind that acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and ibuprofen can irritate the stomach. If you take acetaminophen, DO NOT take more than a total of 4,000 mg (4 grams) of regular or 3,000 mg (3 grams) of extra strength per day to avoid liver damage.

Prevent tension headaches

Knowing the triggers of headache can help you avoid situations that cause them. Keeping a diary of headaches can be useful. When you get a headache, write down the following:

The day and time the pain began.
What he ate and drank in the last 24 hours.
How much sleep
What he was doing and where he was immediately before the pain began.
How long the headache lasted and what relieved it.
Check your diary with your provider to identify triggers or a pattern for headaches. This can help you and your provider create a treatment plan. Knowing the triggers can help you avoid them.

Lifestyle changes that can help include:

Use a different pillow or change sleeping positions.
Adopt a good posture when reading, working or doing other activities.
Exercise and stretch your back, neck and shoulders frequently when writing, working on computers or doing other similar work.
Exercise more vigorously. This is the exercise that makes your heart beat fast. (Check with your provider about what type of exercise is best for you).
Have your eyes checked. If you have glasses, use them.
Learn and practice stress management. Some people discover that relaxation or meditation exercises serve them.

If your provider prescribes medications to prevent headaches or help with stress, follow the instructions to the letter on how to take them. Tell your provider about any type of side effects.

When to call the doctor

Call the local emergency number (911 in the United States) if:

You are experiencing “the worst headache in life”.
You have problems with speech, vision, movement, or loss of balance, especially if you have not had these symptoms with a headache before.
The headache starts suddenly.
Schedule an appointment or call your provider if:

The pattern of the headache or pain changes.
The treatments that once worked are no longer useful.
It has side effects from medications.
You are pregnant or could become pregnant, as some medications should not be taken in this state.
You need to take painkillers more than 3 days a week.
The headaches are more intense when lying down.
Alternative names
Tension-type headache – personal care; Headache from muscle contractions – personal care; Headache – benign – personal care; Headache – tension – personal care; Chronic headaches – tension – personal care; Rebound headache – tension – personal care

The massages are, without a doubt, the best way to relieve tensions, and very localized pains. But can we solve a headache through them? Of course it is possible, but always that it is a headache associated with vascular and muscular tensions, those that cause so much tiredness and suffering.


Would you like to know how to perform a massage yourself with which to find relief when you get home?

The so-called tension headache is one of the most common pains in the population. We all suffer, young, old, men and women. Sometimes our daily life demands too many obligations, too many tensions, anxieties … effects that end up translating into physical pain, into suffering.

Let’s see how to perform a good massage to solve it.
The benefit of massage in tension headache
Massage lying on the temple to relieve headache

Tension headache happens when the muscles of our neck and scalp contract in response to stress.

This contraction in both the muscles and our nerves, makes the effect of one or the simple pressure of our fingers at certain points, can unlock and relax. What we do have clear is that, before resorting to an aspirin or another type of drug, it is always better to know how to work these pressure points.

But what are the pressure points ?.

These are accumulations of nerves located in certain points of the body, such as at the temples. When we exercise an effective massage in these areas, blood circulation is regulated throughout the body. Tense muscles relax and pain is relieved in the head, neck and even the muscles of the face.

How to perform a good head massage to relieve headache
It is essential that before starting this massage, you drink a glass of water. In this way we will be better hydrated. Once you have finished, drink another glass.

First step
massage at the base of the eyes to relieve headache

The first thing we will do is to take our thumbs in that space where our nose is already joined to the forehead. As you can see in the image. Once you have this point identified, you only have to exert a slight pressure – you do not have to feel pain. Stay like this for about 10 seconds, then rest for a minute and repeat this same exercise five times. It is very simple.
Second step
Forehead massage to relieve headache

Now we are going to focus on another essential area in our massage. The next step will be to massage the area under the eyebrows. To do this, you only have to close your eyes and pinch slightly that area that is just below our eyebrows, where, for example, you put on your eye shadows when it comes to makeup. By gently piping we stimulate the circulation of blood. To do the massage, you have to use the index finger and thumb of each hand and pinch the skin under the eyebrows. It’s very simple, you only have to hold the skin between your fingers for ten seconds and release it. Repeat the same five times.
Third step


Then, in this step of the massage to relieve your headache, we will focus on the area of ​​the temples. It is possible that this type of exercise you have done yourself once. It involves exercising a pressure point that reactivates circulation and relieves pain. To do this, you have to put your hands on your temples, and do a little pressure-always mild-for about ten seconds. Once done, rest 15 seconds and re-start it five times too.
Fourth step
Exercise a circular massage at the temples to relieve headache
Exercise a circular massage at the temples
In this step, we continue in the area of ​​the temples. It is an essential part when it comes to relieving our tension. Now, after having exercised only pressure in the previous step, we are going to make circular movements with the fingers in this area of ​​the temples. Too easy. Do it for 30 seconds, rest 10 and repeat it twice.
To finish this massage and get completely relax, do a few stretches with your neck to the left and right, slowly, very slowly. In this way you will be able to relax the entire cervical area.
You can repeat the cycle of these steps two to three times to find relief. As you can see it is a very simple massage. Once you are finished, remember to drink a glass of water. your

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