Vertex Headache : Causes , Prevention And Treatment


Vertex headache or Pain in the crown of the head is one of the reasons for urgent referral to a doctor and the body’s signal that there is a serious problem that requires treatment. Knowing the cause of the discomfort in the head is only necessary to take some measures.

The headache in the crown area feels like the pressure of the entire upper part. A person seems to be wearing a helmet. Often accompanied by an unpleasant noise in the ears, sometimes there is a ripple in the region of the temples.


Symptoms can appear for several reasons. Among them:

  1. Severe overexertion and muscle fatigue.
  2. Stress.
  3. Migraine.
  4. Cranioencephalic injury
  5. Cluster pains

It is worth considering each point in more detail to understand the characteristics of the appearance of pain.

Overexertion and muscular fatigue

If you are in an uncomfortable position for a long time, there may be pain in the parietal region of the head.There is often pain in people who sit behind a computer screen, the machine at work in agriculture, when you have to be in an uncomfortable position for a long time. The muscles tense, causing pain. The dark area often hurts due to an incorrect diet of the day, nutrition, strong overload, both mentally and physically.

The head often hurts not only men, but also women. And this is not just an excuse, but a consequence of a constant and recurrent lifestyle, a significant overexertion.


The muscles in the head due to negative emotions are very strained, so a person can experience severe pain. It can hit the shoulders, neck. Pain of this type can not be called strong, it is stable, moderate, it does not change, even if there are additional burdens. Sometimes there are exacerbations, when the unpleasant feelings intensify, it begins to be punctured with much more force.

For pain in the parietal region, when there is dizziness, feeling dizzy, numbness of the extremities, than of the reasons – psychological and emotional disorders. The long-term tensions that occur in people often lead to this development of events. The brain tries to correct the situation, to make it clear to the man that his work is deteriorating, it reaches a limit when something has to be done. For most people, the top of the head begins to hurt.

Cluster pain

This type of pain occurs in one part of the head and lasts from a few minutes to 2-3 hours. Suffering from the pain of a man of 30-50 years of age, women in menopause. Accompanied by red-eye attacks, edema of the eyelids, increased sensitivity, causes vomiting and nausea. Increase with fatigue, with any physical effort.

The property of cluster pain lies in the frequent change in its nature. They are strong, then weaken and become almost invisible. The upper part of the head hurts, medium, inside. Sometimes it is difficult to determine where the source of pain is, a feeling that the entire surface is prone to unpleasant sensations.


The most common pain of that type. They happen at any age, of any gender. Everything begins with painful pains, spasms. To begin to hurt only on the top of the head, and the duration of painful sensations lasts from a couple of hours to several months. Manifestations of migraine:

  1. The head in the head region hurts badly, an unpleasant sensation begins abruptly. Pulsations that perforate the entire surface.
  2. Strong painful sensations to which the parietal part of the head is exposed, amplifying after eating or waking up. This is due to a change in pressure due to a change in the state of the body.
  3. Pain in the upper part of the head when walking or during physical exercise.
  4. Vomits, nausea.

The main cause of migraine – a degenerative disorder of the nervous system, when they exist, or vice versa, does not come at the lack of any substance in the blood. Migraine may arise due to increased consumption of alcohol, food, frequent smoking, numerous stresses, increased physical effort.

Cranioencephalic trauma

After the person has suffered a traumatic brain injury, a post-traumatic condition may occur. There is an unpleasant sensation of pain in the parietal region. There is acute and chronic pain, which appears a few weeks after being injured. Often, such feelings are accompanied by a cranioencephalic trauma, which is not detected.Therefore, you should consult a doctor for advice, especially if the following symptoms occur:

  • deterioration of vision;
  • welfare deterioration;
  • deterioration of memory;
  • increased pain intensity;
  • the appearance of vomiting, dryness in the oral cavity;
  • temperature increase

Preventive measures for pain in the crown of the head

That strong pains did not appear, there is a recommended complex of the actions directed to improvement of a state of health, increase in a tone of an organism. Preventive measures:

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle You should not drink alcohol and smoke a lot. All these altered states of the body cause an increase in pain, impaired brain activity. It is difficult to completely abandon the habits, if they occur, but when the pain occurs, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of non-recommended products.
  2. Doing sports A healthy lifestyle improves the general resistance of the body, strengthens the protective functions. Therefore, physical activity significantly improves the condition, allows you to avoid pain in the head.
  3. It’s often being outside. The measure is quite effective against headaches. Fresh air enriches the blood with oxygen in sufficient quantity, the brain begins to function stable and correctly, the pain does not appear. 
  4. Avoid stress, severe over-tension. It is difficult to simply take and give up stress. But if you set a goal, understand how you can act, behave in certain situations, so that stress does not arise, you can improve your condition to a great extent, to avoid the occurrence of later headaches.
  5. Properly to eat The useful substances that enrich the blood with the necessary elements should be replaced regularly in the body. Therefore, it is often necessary to eat fruits and vegetables, to observe the diet. If the upper part of the head hurts, the reasons may be the banal lack of nutrients. Because this paragraph is particularly important for compliance. 
  6. Sleep the amount of time needed. Such a measure will usually rest for the whole body. As a result, there will be no fatigue, a headache in the crown area, the reasons why they are so different, they will not appear.
  7. Take vitamin complexes The vitamins will allow you to function normally to each organ, stimulate brain activity. Headache in the vertex and elsewhere in the head will appear much less frequently.
  8. To carry out more often an inquisition on existence of problems with a brain and a backbone. A measure of prevention, which allows us to understand in advance what is wrong with the body, what problems have arisen and how to treat them to avoid deterioration. 
  9. Drink more liquids Effectively improve the general well-being of drinking large amounts of water. Pain in the parietal or other part of the head will begin to decrease, because the body will no longer feel dehydrated.
  10. Heating after being in a position for a long time. Warming will allow blood to pass normally through the stale areas.


Basically, people get rid of pain with the help of tablets. The most demanded in the presence of headaches are “Analgin”, “Spazmalgon” and the like. Do not take the medication frequently, even if it can be obtained at a pharmacy without a prescription, since the upper part of the pain can not always cure those drugs.

The best option would be a visit to a doctor who will examine, identify the cause and determine how to treat the problem. Special attention must be paid to the treatment of the child, because many medications are contraindicated for the child’s body. After taking many medications, there are side effects prescribed in the instructions. Therefore, before taking medications, you should read the instructions carefully.

If pain is hard to bear, self-medication is not worth it. It is better to undergo a treatment prescribed by a specialist after being diagnosed. For proper treatment, it is important to understand why the head hurts and not diagnose itself and then suffer a low effectiveness of self-treatment.

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