What can you do to prevent social emotional or mental problems Let’s know


What can you do to prevent social emotional or mental problems..Prevention is an element of vital importance in our field of action, because it allows us to detect the problem, find out its causes, predict negative situations and intervene according to all these factors. Diagrama we work to reduce the risk variables and develop or strengthen the protective ones through three types of prevention:

what can you do to prevent social emotional or mental problems

Primary prevention : trying to avoid the appearance of the problem and the situation causing the risk.
Secondary Prevention : recognizing high risk individuals or social groups, and working to avoid the consolidation of the problems they present.

what can you do to prevent social emotional or mental problems

Tertiary Prevention : intervening in situations and problematic contexts already established, alleviating the negative consequences.

Through different types of preventive intervention, Fundación Diagrama carries out programs for minors, young people and families at risk that help develop skills with which to adaptively solve the problems they present.

Disorders or disorders of eating behavior (ACT) are serious psychiatric illnesses that put at risk the life of the affected person.

An eating disorder is characterized by abnormalities in eating habits that can involve both insufficient or excessive food intake affecting the physical and emotional health of an individual.

It is important to help young people differentiate the weight of self-esteem. You have to help young people not to condition the body to a question of appearance
Brigitte Aquin, specialist in Eating Disorders
These syndromes are characterized by excessive concern for body image or weight.

According to the Psychiatry Manual DSM-IV ( Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , ), one in five women suffers from an eating disorder that classifies as mental illness or some form of disordered eating.

About 70 million people suffer from an eating disorder in the world.

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These pathologies are becoming more frequent, especially in young people between 12 and 24 years old.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is a health problem that affects girls in a special way.

It is the third chronic disease with more prevalence among the female youth population.

The importance of prevention
Early detection and being put in the hands of specialists to follow an adequate treatment are the best weapons to combat eating disorders.

However, experts believe it is better to prevent their appearance, both in the family, educational and social.

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disorders are characterized by excessive worry about body image or weight.
Therefore, they emphasize the importance of adopting a series of measures to prevent eating disorders from childhood.

1. According to specialists at the Sant Joan de Mother and Child Hospital in Barcelona, ​​the importance of following healthy habits should be taught from a young age: establish regular meal times, distribute food in four or five meals a day, avoid skipping meals Meals and do not peck between hours.

In the opinion of Brigitte Aquin, Argentine psychologist and specialist in eating disorders, it is recommended that parents are able to control two meals of their children a day.

2. The diet must be healthy, balanced and varied that includes all the necessary foods, with limitations of sweets and industrial desserts and fast food. It is essential to offer vegetables and fruits in a varied way.

It is important that the child has the support of the parents.
3. The problem of eating disorders is psychological, and for this reason it is essential that from home take great care self-esteem.

Therefore, parents should promote the child’s self-esteem so that they discover their abilities and limitations, accept them and learn to feel good about themselves, according to the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.

For the Argentine psychologist “it is important to help young people not to condition the body to a question of appearance”.

This will reinforce it against the messages about aesthetics, canons of beauty and food (like miracle diets and dietetic products) that launch some media and advertising.

“The glorification of thinness and restrictive diets are not a solution to the obesity epidemic but something that can have negative effects on health,” says Aquin.

4. Sant Joan de Déu Hospital also advises to establish good communication within the family, so that the child feels safe and, in this way, is able to seek opinion and help from his own family when faced with situations that find it difficult or stressful.

5. Another advice is to adopt and maintain healthy habits in other aspects such as the constancy in the practice of physical activity and the number of hours of sleep. All this helps lead a healthy life.

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